Beginning, intermediate, and a few advanced strategies for improving your odds of winning a game of Coup. You CAN’T win every game, but you WILL win more often if you implement these techniques, tips, tricks and secrets.

Play Coup on iOS or Android on your Apple iPhone or Google device. Find it in your app store. It’s an incredibly well-balanced bluffing card game. It’s great on your phone or mobile device, and it’s a whole lot of fun in person too.

Buy the card game here:

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  1. Not a glamorous victory? Are you kidding? It was epic. He stole two coups worth of money from you while you had the ambassador the entire time. He must have been completely shocked to lose. Great game.

  2. Can you make more of these videos? I just picked up the game and this seems to be the only channel with any content on the game.

  3. Great video, I'll send you a message if I spot you in the app. Personally I prefer the game with the Reformation expansion which I have the physical copy of.


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