Indestructible Nautilus Top Gameplay! League of legends Naut Season 10 gameplay!
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Season 10 Nautilus runes guide League of Legends
Conqueror – Triumph – Alacrity- Coup de Grace
Shield Bash – Revitalize
10 Attack Speed – 10 AD – 6 Armor

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  1. Adaptive helm seemed better than abyssal given that the team comp has a lot of spammable abilities on top of amumh having cinder hulk.

  2. The runes in the description are not what he's running in the video

    He really has Aftershock – Demolish – Bone Plating – Overgrowth – Triumph – Alacrity

  3. Your new username should be: "Solo-Minion-Canon-Only"
    I guarantee that's how you will always get your cannon minion. 😎👍

  4. I don't think explaining every champion for the viewers serves any purpose, unless it is a newer champ or reworked. Explaining numbers, interactions and scaling is different though.

  5. You see Mike, to get a cannon minion you have to reduce its health to zero with either an auto or an ability, hope this helps.

  6. I totally forgot I used to play Nautilus top. I used to be pretty decent bc nobody knew how to play against it in my low elo. I may have to pick it back up


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