So I was reading the new Venom comic and there’s a revelation that might apply to symbiotes in the Thor movies!
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Special thanks to our Patrons for helping make this possible!
Special thanks to our Patrons for helping make this possible!
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  1. Venom could never get evolved in an avengers movie or any other marvel movie but his because he will then have the chance to get out of Eddie's who is a normal human and stick into another marvel's supur human character….and then Eddie will be no more than a human in a fight

  2. Could have Peter go by poison like in the alternate universe were he doesn't get organic webs. No idea about it resurrecting the dead like he did with gwen stacy but would be a cool mix, if Peter gets rid of it than a agent venom would be nice, if not it would be interesting if a female had it, venom was supposed to be a woman that lost her unborn baby because of Peter, so mix that with poison, have it be a more evolved version of his AI, make it just like Tony's new suit and you have a movie. I say keep the symbiote around, would be a waste too just toss it away like that.

  3. Tito says in the director commentary that Hela's sword and weaponry, and look, was inspired All-Black and elements of the God of Thunder series. How is that possible if it wasn't released unless he had special inside access before hand or he was handed the original concept frames and told to expand on it. .

  4. Also then makes sense that Hela was essentially killed by fire, being on of the weaknesses of the symbiote

  5. I can see it, but now I just miss Hela even more, plus I could totally see creating Carnage as her personal Herald of Destruction

  6. you should do a video on the secret wars!! i have no idea what that is and i love how you explain things!! thank you for making me be so interested in comics!!

  7. Kind of hate the new Venom origin. Even the benevolent Klyntar planet was a bit disappointing for me. I liked the mystery around the symbiote.


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