How to Upgrade your Samsung Smart TV to Smart Remote Control. How to connect Smart Remote Control. How to activate voice control on Samsung smart tv. How to activate Bixby on samsung smart tv. Connect samsung smart remote control. Activate voice recognition on samsung smart tv. Activate samsung smart control in the service menu. How to enter samsung service menu. How to pair samsung smart remote control with smart tv. How to enable samsung smart remote in the service menu. how to pair samsung smart tv remote.

ATTENTION! Even if your Samsung TV doesn’t support voice control it will still perfectly work in apps like YouTube, Browser etc.

Original Samsung Smart Voice remote control:

Silicone case for the remote control:
Not original remote control:
Not original remote control:
Regular 2-10$ Samsung TV remote controls:

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  1. I cant get mine to go into pair mode it just says "not available "I've done everything you said with no luck. Used work fine before

  2. Thabk you so much i had this remote from a TV that broke and didnt want to just toss it out… my remote was older amd didnt have the settings button… i read the comments to see that Mute 1 8 2 Power is what worked amd it worked for me as well..

  3. man . . . bless your heart . . . I also wanted to add a note that if your TV Model is older than the one in the video (like mine -.-"),. .try

  4. Hi i have a ue49ku6500s and i would like to buy a new remote controller(now i have a BN59-01259B). Will it work with the newer smart remote( which is made from metal)?

  5. Great video, so the only reason I want to upgrade to the smart remote is for voice recognition to do things like voice search on youtube. So even though voice recognition and smart control are options in the service menu on your TV, the voice control still doesn't work on yours? I wonder why are they even options on your menu then? Strange. I bought a Samsung 6900 series 55 inch 4k smart TV last year with a similar remote to the old one you were switching from. Do you have any idea if I could get voice control on a Samsung smart remote to work on that model? Thanks for the vid

  6. Thank you very much! This worked wonders on my 55" TU7000 tv. The secret menu is different (Menu, 1,8,2, Power On) but the thread below helped me get the smart remote paired and working. Much appreciated! Now I need to get a silicone cover because the smart remote is really thin and light. Will not take the beating the original would😂

  7. Got a UE43TU7000 I have turned on the voice option but it not working is there any Other settings I need to change in different menus or anything I have try turn it on and off again but still will not work I know how it’s work as I got another tv with the smart remote when I’m watching tv I can pressed the button and it’s pops up on the tv asking me but the UE43TU7000 doesn’t do anything that’s why I was asking if anything else I need to turn on to get it to work I just don’t understand why it will not work I have swapped remotes with the other tv and it works on there so I know it is not the remote which is faulty I am just totally confused now why it will not work !!!

  8. Got a UE43TU7000 I have turned on the voice option but it not working is there any Other settings I need to change in different menus or anything thanks

  9. Does the One Remote work on the Samsung UN55NU6950? I tried the info, settings, mute, and power button sequence, and it doesn’t do anything. Tried to push the play/pause and return button on the One Remote at the same time, and the tv does display “Not Available.” But, that’s about as far as I get. I’m guessing the tv doesn’t have the Bluetooth function, so thinking this may be my issue. Any thoughts?

  10. Whilst I was doing thisI came across a setting which was for resolution it showed you can either have your TV resolution at FHD, UHD or 8K I was very confused since I do not have an 8k tv. If I was to put the setting to 8k would it mess up my TV since mine is not 8k?

  11. Our Samsung TV is about 5 years old and came with the smart remote. It just stopped working yesterday. It will turn the TV on/off but nothing else. I've reset the remote and tried to pair with the TV but it says it can't find any devices. The remote's infrared light is working but it doesn't seem to be connecting to the TV anymore. How do I get the remote to work with the TV again?

  12. Hello. I need some help with my Samsung TV 55. The operating system seems to have crashed. Does that mean that I have to replace a motherboard? Much appreciate a response.

  13. Hi their I have a samsung UE43TU7000 2020 year model and I followed the instructions but when I get the Samsung smart control option I do not have that option on my TV what do I do now help please

  14. Does my Samsung model number: UN40M530D support the voice remote? I cannot seem to get it into that mode by pressing info, settings, mute, and power. When I click the pause/play button and back arrow it says not available. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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