The Ninja fighters are back! With swords too at that!
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Music: Everything Shines – Tomas Skyldeberg

Replays by: Eviltorified, Swexx & Karbn, Paikor, Aadame, Shikkumo and R0i.

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I’m a bald South African man by the name ConCon, derived from my real name; Connor. Born in 1993.

This channel started as a fun creative outlet to store my gaming history in digital video serving to see where I’ve come from and where I’m going as well as create tutorials and showcases to inspire gamers to keep on doing what they do. YouTube inspired me to become a Graphic Designer and my passion for making videos has held strong since I started actively uploading in 2012.

You can expect videos such as; Tutorials, Showcase Montages, Let’s Plays and other interesting videos on the channel.



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  1. Everyone sees this game and gets it because of how awesome it looked and then an overpowering feeling of dissatisfaction takes over them as they realize the sheer amount of playtime and dedication you have to put in to recreate the movement shown in the video and they sit there just staring at their monitor knowing that this game will never bring them happiness.


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