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“Fishing Rod Controller: Whether casting, jigging, setting the hook, or reeling a fish in, players will be amazed by the sensitivity and feedback their fishing rod controller provides. Four modes of entertaining and competitive gameplay. The Strike is perfect for quick and friendly competitions with up to 4 players. Ten of North America’s greatest lakes are depicted, so players can easily recognize key landmarks and find their favorite fishing spots. The Strike features a large variety of fresh water fish, including Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Striped Bass, Walleye and more. Each lake contains a legendary fish of record proportions that will challenge even the best players.
Players can tailor their equipment by going to the Bass Pro Shops in-game store to select lures, rods and reels. Players can also win new boats by winning tournaments.”


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  1. 2:30 at this point he’s made so many jokes about being gay that i can’t tell if he’s actually gay or if it’s one big joke

  2. They didn’t do Schlatt, Fitz, or Carson’s Youtooz Justice with the heights 💀 they should be a little taller than the rest of the Other youtuber youtooz just to shit on them

  3. i had to mentally prepare myself before clicking on this video because it's… ya know, a schlatt video. and the first frame is schlatt wearing a sweater with scott the woz's face on it and i can tell im not prepared for this


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