This is a, no commentary, Longplay of Taz-Mania 2 for Game Boy. Another game with no complete walkthrough on YouTube. Simple platformer but enjoyable overall. In this adventure, Taz tries to save his family from captivity. All collectables acquired. All secret areas found. Max lives achieved (8). No death run.

Level 1-1: 1:24
Level 1-2: 2:50
Level 1-3: 5:05
Level 2-1: 10:02
Level 2-2: 13:03
Level 2-3: 15:45
Level 3-1: 19:36
Level 3-2: 22:02
Level 3-3: 26:15
Level 4-1: 31:50
Level 4-2: 35:30
Level 4-3: 38:38

Game is played by me in one go. No save states/cheats have been used. Recorded in VBA23.2.

Please note I uploaded it just for fun, no intention to compete anyone.


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  1. The first boss is too hard that’s problem it seems a good game really fun until that first boss and how do I get the most projectiles the triangle things I only end up with 12

  2. I liked this as a kid, but god its a bad game. Totally repetative, the music is the same on EVERY LEVEL! How did I put up with this!?

  3. The game was originally scheduled for release by Sunsoft in 1993, but Sunsoft put on hold and the company instead got David A. Palmer's version until THQ took over and released in 1997 as Taz-Mania 2.

  4. I played this game every day as a kid and i NEVER could beat the first boss. I kept throwing those sharps objects and never seemed to kill him and ran out and ended up always dying… i never passed the Jungle. Now im sure I could.

  5. Thank you for uploading the full play through of this one! I use to have it back in the day, and never beaten it. It just came to me that I could of searched what the rest of the game was like, and to my surprise no such play through was done! Until now. 😊

  6. You don't know how happy I am to see this. This was my favorite Looney Tunes game back in the day. Thanks for uploading


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