Welcome to my YouTube channel. Here is where I do gameplay videos and playthroughs of various games, such as Sonic The Hedgehog, Resident Evil, Kingdom Hearts, and many more. I hope you enjoy the content, and thanks for checking out my channel.

Welcome to the Resistance !!

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  1. This is my favorite game of all time next to battle for bikini bottom and shadow the hedgehog😔f#@$ sake I miss this game

  2. The memories of this. GameCube with my cousins and my aunties and uncles they’re quite young. I miss these days 👍🏼

  3. Thank you for uploading this, and reminding me of my childhood. I only got to about 56 minutes into the game(of course it took me forever then) , now I see there was so much more.

  4. If they would just make another game like this and actually take the time to polish it, Sonic would easily be back on the map again. The problem is that Sega just doesn't want to do that for some reason.

  5. Yeah I know I play that game but I did not pass the sonic level because there a lot of the tricky controls in GameCube console is to hard to control the character so my GameCube got sell and get more money because I have too many games.

  6. So much Nostalgia ……..i re look the walkthrough once in 5 years to not forget, to remember that reelings and the nostalgia

  7. I miss when i was a 3 year old kid just being happy playing gamecube. Now i have almost no time to play and a lot of things to do. Sad.

  8. Open your Heart was and it would be the BEST sonic's main theme for me, none track have been good enough to reach the peak of that song! even Live and Learn from Sonic adventure 2 was NOT ENOUGH

    when i was a kid back in 1999 i used to pause the game on that stage for all day long just to hear this song!

    This song that they composed back in 1999 was/is a MASTERPIECE

    -thunder rain and lightning danger water rising

  9. Gotta say, I think I prefer the GameCube version of adventure 1 over the pc version. Love the controller and it just feels better on GameCube to me. Thanks again for checking out the video guys 💙

  10. Bro, today I was sitting in my room thinking about some nostalgic shit, and I just remembered dx and adventures 2 battle (had to do some memory jogging to remember the names) and "follow me, set me free" and the city soundtrack from battle is just going off in the back of my head, I would spend so many summer days in front of that tv screen at my babysitters house. God I miss the simpler times.

  11. I remember beating those levels(bumper cars was the best level that I beat), but never that well. Dude's got a PHD in this.

    Those levels: the first beach, sky rollercoaster, and the bumper car/train levels were GIGAfun! To me, Sonic wasn't even a blimp on the radar in the 2D days. In the 3D days, he did the same thing to Mario! They made the adjustments to be viable in this new arena. And, people say GC missed the mark, but I've owned both a DC and GC(not this game): I say GC did a better job, because, while some areas were a little off, almost all was better on the GC version.

    Who ya got in best Mario or Sonic game ever? Does this win or Super Mario World?

  12. Used to play this in 1st grade! Before school started, I would be on my GameCube playing this, but when the bus came, I would be very sad. Good times.


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