Visit for complete specs, pricing, and availability on the Samsung X830 Unlocked GSM Cell Phone. Samsung’s latest mini music phone comes with an innovative MP3 player design. The X830’s (formerly referred to as the SPH-S4300) unique swing-open form factor allows for a perfect combination of mobile phone and MP3 player function. When closed, the X830 functions like a MP3 player with a music player interface that horizontally displays the playlist, equalizer settings and song information. Swinging the phone open exposes the keypad and doubles its length for optimal mobile communication experience.


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  1. I had this phone oh my gosh all the feels came back just now I had the blue turquoise one it was like my baby I must've been like 12 or 13 years old it had all my music and it was the best phone for school so I could text my friends on it during class without getting caught men I wonder if I save it somewhere

  2. good morning… i have a question ?  if im open there was connected to pc in the display? how to close this

  3. back in the day when smaller the phone the better the phone. Now NOPE Samsung note 2 with a screen over 5 inches big >.>

  4. no its not a copy nor is it any different it is the exact same phone as the juke….matter of fact if you know anything about the juke, it is from samsung…so the only differences are the keypad menu (due to provider of the phone the layout might be different ex. alltel and us cellular) and the last difference is the name…other then that they are the same…

  5. No Samsung phone is better that the Instinct S30.. No argument. I hacked mine for sprint and now have free mobile broadband. I had one bar of service and still downloaded at 150k/sec.. CANT beat that. ATT suck my nuts lol.

  6. they make it seem like its completely new never before seen when the juke is practically the exact same thing…i like my juke better…..but i would like to have it in black

  7. well, alot of phone batteries don't last long if you overcharge it. however, i can't input my opinion of the battery life since i'm waiting for my white samsung x830, but my friend says that the batteries can last you 7 days or so (that's a week).


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