This is a review of the Samsung UE590D, a fantastic budget 4k display that is definitely worth a buy, at the right price.

** UPDATE: This monitor does indeed support 4k @ 60hz over HDMI on HDMI 2 (HDMI 1 only supports 30hz)
This was suggested by some viewers and I was able to confirm on my system.
I apologize for the incorrect information in the video!

The monitor retails for $399, but it can usually be found for $369 and I was able to pick mine up, open box, for $300.. which is a fantastic deal!

Link to the U28E590D UHD display –

Full specs on monitor –

Hardware used:

Camera – Panasonic Lumix G7 –
Mic – Audio-Technica ATR3350iS –

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  1. How is it for your eyes? Does your vision get "blurred" or you feel like your eyes are dried after many hours sitting in front of it?

  2. Viewing angles on this monitor are terrible. I sent mine back. For gaming it's fine but better monitors for the price. For working on it's flat and dull and hurts your eyes due to the poor viewing angles. Don't get it. You're better off with a 2K monitor with better colour and viewing angles.

  3. Good quick review, I agree on the flimsy stand but the pic quality is great. I have been playing PS4 pro on this for a couple of years and see no flaws. The only thing I have a problem with is that it only supports an out of date version of HDCP.

  4. I know this video is old, but I noticed that this monitor doesn't support Freesync through HDMI which is a bit of a let down as I was excited to get this to use with my Xbox One X. Pretty disappointing, actually.

  5. And if you have a Nvidia GTX 10xx or above GPU it works perfectly with Nvidia G-sync compatibly…! Well after setting the variable refresh rate at a max of 58.3294 FPS in your games. If you do it in the Nvidia control panels resolution settings as a custom resolution, you will be limited to 8-bit colour instead if the full 10-bit colour. Butter smooth with no screen tearing.

  6. Great bang for the buck 4K monitor. I hare two of them. Stand is a bit flimsy as you mentioned. I did notice slightly color temp variation between the two of the monitors though.

    Nicely presented content.


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