This is Samsung U Flex bluetooth in ear headphones and in this video I am going to tell you if it’s worth buying. Samsung u flex bluetooth in ear headphone has a bluetooth version 4.2.
It has a very nice build quality, excellent battery backup, no hiccups while listening from far distance. It features two-way speakers, 11mm woofers and 8mm tweeters, but how’s the audio quality of Samsung u flex headphone ? Make sure to watch full video for the review and it will help you make your purchase decision.
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  1. This bt device is very useful for calling..means calling is very good in terms of voice of ours reaching the other traffic

  2. I returned some Sony, the WI-C400. It looks like sound from a radio in AM frequency. I'm not looking for "so much quality", but make it decent. Until a few days ago my Samsung Level U served me for 4 years. Its battery so far holds 8 hours, but the Bluetooth was damaged. Today I received my new Samsung Level U Flex, it sounds better than the WI-C400, seriously, although I guess it depends on tastes. But I like them more. Ah! Between the sound of the Level U and that of the U Flex, I prefer that of the Level U, but the difference is not much. Thank you. I hope you appreciate my appreciation.

  3. Hi bro, is it use for calling purpose???
    How about mic clarity???
    Which1 is better for calling purpose Sony C400, SonyXB400 n samsung level u flex???

  4. The sound is super clean not too high over exaggerated sounds and or fuzzy like most that are louder its loud enough


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