Samsung – Official Fast Charging Wireless Chargers Lineup
Buy Them here,
– 10,000mAh Fast Charge Power Pack
– 10,000mAh Fast Wireless Power Pack
– Fast Wireless Charging Stand
– Fast Wireless Convertible Stand
– Wireless Charging Duo Pad
– 15W Fast Charging Stand

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  1. Got the wireless charging battery pack for 25 quid and it is my best impulsive purchase til I get my buds plus tomorrow 😂😂

  2. Hey man, if it took about 23 mins for the $30 wireless charging stand to fully charge note 10 with 89% battery, how long does it take for the $70 duo pad? I burnt my s10 charger port, cost me abt $300 to fix it (because to replace new charger port means new motherboard too) so i can only charge it wirelessly now. And i have the $30 wireless charging stand, it takes more than 3 hours to fully charge my s10 from 10%. And I am considering to get the duo pad if its worth the speed. Thank you

  3. Thanks for the reviews on the portables! Been looking for reviews outside of Amazon for them! The throwing of the books sent me🤣

  4. I agree he is the best tech reviewer and I bought 2 phones from watching his channel and white shoes you make me laugh

  5. Yooo this brotha killing me hahah from the throwing away the manuals and shit, to the straight away gangsta review 😄🔥🔥🔥

  6. I bought the Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Convertible, that you know of does it fast charge a Samsung s10 phone in a case fast

  7. No wonder you have so many subs, great no BS product introduction and demo.
    did you or anyone else notice if the white vertical charger makes a whining noise that so many other people have complained about?

  8. I’m on the market for a wireless charger. Would you suggest any of these for a 11pro max? Or maybe something else?

  9. Is it okay to leave the wireless power pack in charge on the table while you're not charging your phone? Or will it damage the battery?

  10. That newest charger. The rectangle stand one. That seam along the outside. Is that where the fan blows air under the phone while charging? Its amazing how hard it is to find that answer. No one talks about that. Does it blow air through the charger and to the phone back or just suck and blow out the back like most others. That is the feature that will get me buying that charger. I normally have a small cheap fan blowing air onto my phone when I use one. If it has some airflow behind the phone… Im sold.

  11. Now I need you to do this test again for me using the 45w block connected to all of them instead of the 25w fast charging block


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