The Samsung Tab S2 was released back in September n 2015, over 3 years ago. But it is being sold as new still at places like Costco and B&H, for a whopping $300+! Do not pay that much money, even if this is still a good (?) tablet to own. It is on Android 7 ,nougat with no updates coming to it, ever. Here are my thoughts on this now budget tablet.

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  1. I have one, i want to use, but i don't know what to do!! now i have this computer,but, I still want to keep mine.

  2. I loved my S2 until it recently turned into a brick. I have info in it that I need to access – swapped out the battery but still getting nothing but a black screen. Can anyone suggest how i can retrieve my info on it PLEASE.

  3. I've had my tab s2 for 5 yrs. I love it. However I've found there are a few apps that don't run smoothly on it because its a bit older. It has great accessibility features for hearing and vision but many apps no longer support them. For example, Amazon Prime Video does not support HD playback on the S2 even if you've purchased the HD versions. Amazon has its own range of HD Fire tablets that are 7 inch and 8 inch etc,
    The other app that doesn't really work fully is the Amazon Kindle Store built into the Kindle For Android App. Text within books is absolutely fine but within the Kindle Store if you've got the system settings to a decent text size the store doesn't resd the system settings and descriptions of books are really tiny. For 4 years I wrote to Amazon weekly asking them to fix it. At the time, 5 years ago, the link to customer reviews was totally dead. It was annoying but I could go to the Amazon storn website on the browser. This version of the Kindle For Android app doesn't have newer features like linking to Goodrrads. Amazon own that site, linked all their books to it, then took it away with an update. Or rather they stopped doing updates for this version o Android. They did fix the Dead link to the customer reviews, it only took 5 yrs and I emailed Jeff Brxod' office to escalate it as CS are so lame reafing off prompts. I also have a Samsung phone and both devices are brilliantly compatible. It's sad for the environment that manufacturers and app developers control our devices remotely and make our hardware obsolete when there's nothing wrong with it. I'd like to upgrade to the latest version of the s2 tab 8.0 but there isn't one. I think going up to a 10.4 inch or a 9.7 is too much to be portable. And I watch TV in bed so the next size is too large. The equivalent size is an A tab but the resolution is much lower and there's a generally lower spec so km keeping my #2 hoping a Samsung bring that size back or even better, let us have the latest O/S and Android updates. My favourite case so far has been cheaper ones like the Fintie origami one, or the 360 degree tote acting padded case. /stand. I use my tablet spprox 6 to 10 hrs a day as I like to design and write knitting patterns and it's a great tablet for charting software although I do miss my Adobe Illustrator on my PC.

  4. It still works so yes get it so what if it don't get any more software updates as long as your not one of those people who will intentionally surf the Web and download things off the play store then that's just silly

  5. My Galaxy Tab S5e broke, so I'm forced to use my Tab S2 and I forgot how nice it is. I don't think I'm going to replace my S5e. I'm able to run Android 9 on my S2 thanks to the Lineage ROM and it's much more comfortable to hold and type on.

  6. I still have it, got it in 2017, when it was still worth 300
    Only slightly bent, and scratched screen, since it was always in my bag, I have Netflix and youtube on it, and it runs basic games, I also have stickers on it, it still gets software updates which is a plus, definitely worth it!

  7. It's a great tablet I gave mine to my nephew and got myself a Tab s4. They go for around like 100$ on ebay maybe less every know and then a locked one will pop up for maybe 80-70$ which is a steal also under 100$ some with screen burn in.

  8. Seems as though Lineago OS is supporting this device in Dec. of 2019. Nightly was just released a couple days ago last I checked. Looks good. Getting it now.

  9. Just caught up with this video. I remember how bad I wanted this tablet. At the time it was released 329 was cost prohibitive. Waited for some kind of sale. Finally BB put it on sale on a Black Friday for 279. Still hesitated, but bought it anyway. Today I still enjoy it as much as I did then. It's fast enough for what I do, even faster. And the display is great.
    I just got a new iPad. Talk about cost prohibitive! Needed it to run photographic apps only available for iOS for my wife's business. I also have an iPhone. But in all honesty, for all else I do, there's really no discernable difference between then two tablets despite the technological advancements that come with the iPad.
    The S2 is my go to everyday tablet.

  10. Watched this video on the S2. Still working great for me after 3 years. Only some apps appear to crash more often now… dunno if that's due to the fact cuz it's an old version ?

  11. Thanks for the Tab S2 love in this video! I'm tempted nearly daily to upgrade to the Tab S6, but my S2 is so lightweight and has a 4:3 screen ratio for optimized browsing and reading. I only wish it had faster charging (Just over 6 hours to charge with screen on, or 4:54 with screen off) and S-Pen support. My screen on time is currently 6:22, and standby time is a whopping 256:50. That's nearly 257 hours!

  12. Watching this on a 7 year old nexus 7 still works perfectly fine and I bought it second hand 4 years ago haha. If all your doing is browsing and YouTube, a nexus 7 for pocket change will do the job easily. Heck it still runs many games fine not that I do much of that on it anymore

  13. Can you use a Samsung stylus pen with this tablet? I think my mom bought this a couple years ago and I want to use it to take notes


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