High-end Android tablets are becoming few and far between, indicating to us that the tablet segment has been seeing a slowdown. Well, here’s our review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7-inch – a brand new premium tablet product.

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  1. So happy with this tablet💨>JustU.Faith/GlaxyTab_s?Щ    I'll take it over an apple anyday. Fast, stable and decent sound quality for a tablet. Great for the price

  2. If you want to see Oreo for the tab S3 check out this video –https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MBnHnPTx1EM

  3. سلام لطف زیرنویس داشت باشد چون سامسوگ توی تمام جهان است مخصوص ایران بیشتر

  4. looking for something under 600 tala anyone have any idears im stuck with samsung due to softwere compatability

  5. I wish tech companies would offer tablets without a camera. I have no need for a camera on a tablet whatsoever, it only takes space from other needed features.

  6. Everyone forgot that this is a full RGB-matrix AMOLED panel, not a Pentile panel, that means it is as sharp as an equivalent IPS panel and doesn't cheat with its sub-pixel arrangement.

  7. very confused right now ….. what should I get Samsung Galaxy Tab s2 9.7? or Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition )?

  8. Should I get the Nvidia Shield or this btw I want a tablet with a good screen good specs and descent battery and I mainly want a tablet for portable gaming please help me!!!!!!!!

  9. Really ?? incredible that has no HDMI port.
    Who wants a tablet with HD resolution but no hdmi port? absolute madness. I have the TOSHIBA AT300 since last year, with no problem and it is a great wonder, not change it for any other

  10. I don't understand all that nagging about "lower" resolution crap, even if the previous models have higher resolutions. This little thing has more pixels than a freaking 1080p TV that's as large as 70"! NOBODY needs so much resolution in a table less than 10".


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