Detailed unboxing and complete feature walkthrough of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5″ in Dazzling White and Titanium Bronze, including benchmarking, comparison to the Tab Pro 10.1, display comparisons, and camera samples.

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CPU: Exynos Octa-Core 1.9Ghz Cortex A15, 1.3Ghz Cortex A7
Display: 10.5″ Super AMOLED 1600 x 2560 pixels (288 PPI)
Camera; Main: 8MP
Camera Secondary. 2.1MP
Battery: Non-removable Li-Ion 7900 mAh battery


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  1. Good product delivered in great time.•≖•>瓦    Had a question about charging problem. Supplier sent replacement adapter and cord. Charging good now.

  2. I bought this tablet in 2015. I still have it after almost 5 years. It still works well and has no broken keys. Battery life is still 3 hours of video streaming at medium brightness. Although it can't play latest games it is a great tablet for watching videos and photos.

  3. When i was 12 i was playing angry birds epic on this bc my mom found it broken in a hotel room so she decided to give it to me as a gift i want this rn bc of 2016 nostalgia HELP edit: i also remember it had the old apple chagrer the big one that was on the iphone 4 not a micro usb also after it got fixed i found out that it belonged to some white girl i dont remember the name

  4. I just got a Samsung Tab A and its a new piece of crap!!! I am upset! Whish I would keot my old Tablets. Hate having to return to the storr.😈 can't get pass let's go!

  5. Get the best deal for Samsung Tab S replacement parts. All iPhone Parts and Accessories available in discount like LCD, Batteries, Universal Return Key, Front Camera, Rear Camera, Charging Port Flex, Tempered Glass, Bottom Screws set, Wifi Flex and Sim Trays. Here the link below

  6. Can anyone advise if this tablet will be good with the latest Android version to use with the dji Mavic air app?

  7. Very good reviewof the SM-T800. Got this tablet many years ago and was very happy with it. Now, the wifi doesn't work. After reading many comments from other forums, I believe this particular model has a hardware issue with the wifi/bluetooth apparatus. With mine, the switch(wifi and bluetooth) would turn on but remain greyed for a minute and then switch off. No internet! Also the battery will drain fast with the tablet powered off.

  8. ที่ Power Buy นะร้านโทรศัพท์มือถือทั่วไป

  9. Man I got this year's ago and it was amazing, until today where software updates slow down my device and my battery is really running quick.


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