Get the Galaxy TabPro 8.4 now! Josh takes a look at the smallest of the new PRO line of tablets from Samsung. This is the Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 8.4.

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  1. The best feature of this tabletꉺꉺ>JustU.Faith/Galaxy-TabS?倖 is that when you want to uninstall an app, you can do it from the app screen by dragging it to the top! You don't have to go into the app store to uninstall something. Coming from older generation tablets, this is a HUGE convenience for me!

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  3. I know this is an old post but I still have this tablet. I purchased it second hand. The poor battery length on this tablet makes me not want to use it! It is just aweful and I will be getting rid of this disappointment soon! I can't believe that Samsung had the gall to call this a Pro tablet! Don't waste your time with this one!

  4. I still use this in 2017. runs all games with little to no lag (unlike my cousins tab a 2017) and the 1440p display shames the 2017 tab a.

  5. Still my favorite Tablet even if Samsung sucks at giving updates and abandoned this tablet after one year. Cyanogenmod has Marshmallow as a download for this tablet and its easy to repair. I needed a new battery and a new micro USB socket. both easy to repair and cheap to buy thanks to Samsung not making them anymore. Plus accessories are cheaper as they can hardly shift them. I got a $40 Belkin case for $10. The screen still looks amazing and it runs like a champ.

  6. I still have this tablet after almost 3 years ago. Can't really tell you it is one of the best ones out there because really I've only had a couple. But I basically use this Tablet every single day to watch movies on Netflix and a few out of a USB. The battery is still holding a charge pretty good after almost 3 years. One thing I noticed tho is that the tablet would turn off whenever the battery was at less than 20% and it would keep on dying. I did reset it a fee times and now I no longer have the problem.

    been looking to upgrade it tho because I think it's time. But I want one (recent one) the same size and dimensions because this thing is just awesome when holding it I gotten used to watching anything on this rectangular screen. Hope I can find another pro (newer) version

  7. Had mine for 8 months. Just short of useless. I wish I had gotten another laptop. What a pain to use for anything serious. My wife's ipad is twice the tablet.

  8. What SAMSUNG needs to do is bring back the Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4. This thing has everything you would want in a tablet. If only they kept upgrading the specs and screen I would have bought the next gen of it. Instead they went with a Tab S 8.4 with that ugly Galaxy S5 backing. This tablet feels premium with faux leather. I put CM 12.1 (Android 5.1.1) and its a speedy tablet. I paid $350 for it when it first came out and wouldn't mind doing so again. There's a market for people who have a cheap phone and want a very good tablet ya know!

    What SAMSUNG could do to upgrade the Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4:
    1. Same resolution screen but make it Super AMOLED.
    2. Upgrade the Rear Camera to 13 MP and add slo-mo features.
    3. Upgrade the front camera to 5 MP
    4. Dual-LED Flash
    5. Fast charge compatible
    5. 3GB or 4GB of Ram
    6. Fingerprint Scanner
    7. Latest/Fastest Soc chip
    8. It is thin enough, no need to compete with Apple 👎.

  9. I just sold my mother's disgusting iPad Mini 1st Gen and got her this, the iPad Mini is super slow and the display is just unwatchable, I can't believe Apple is still selling those pieces of turd.

  10. Honestly between this and the newer Tab S I'd still pick this one due to price. The tab S really is just a minor performance boost (one you probably won't even notice) with an extra gig of ram for what can be a pretty significant price difference. I've seen these as low as 200 on sale which is bonkers for what you are getting.


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