Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1: – Samsung tackles the 10 inch tablet range with a PRO offering. Josh takes a look at the Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 10.1.

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  1. Get the best deal for Tab Pro 10.1 replacement parts. All iPhone Parts and Accessories available in discount like LCD, Batteries, Universal Return Key, Front Camera, Rear Camera, Charging Port Flex, Tempered Glass, Bottom Screws set, Wifi Flex and Sim Trays. Here the link below

  2. I just put LineageOS on this tablet yesterday. It's like having a brand new tablet. Being as Samsung has decided not to update this thing since Android 4.4.2, having 7.1.2 and a non bloated OS is a dream.

  3. sir please give some reviews for samsung tab pro sm-t525 lte 4g for software update becoz i dont understand what it says about after update you cannot use the LTE-4g features after installation update. thanks and more power, android authority fanatics whade….

  4. What's crazy is Samsung updated the galaxy tab 4 witch is a budget tablet, to android lollipop but didn't update the galaxy tab pro witch was a flagship tablet…Tell me that's not crazy..

  5. Android Authority (or any of the viewers of your video too),
    I am trying to decide between the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 and the Galaxy Tab 4. I do not need the business apps on the Pro and so might I be advised to get the Galaxy Tab 4, even though the Pro scores more highly in reviews?

  6. I like this tablet. But now it won't charge or turn on how do you reset this tablet.
    I tried holding power n volume for 20 seconds. And also tried power n home. None worked. Help please

  7. I have a question like a movie I can spend my Samsung galaxy tab because the step pro usb and not me and movies are played back in 1080p

  8. tengo una pregunta como puedo pasar una película a mi Samsung galaxy tab pro porque las paso con el usb y no me las reproduce y las películas están en 1080p

  9. Man, is "Touch Wiz" really that bad? I have to say, such a hard dis, is a strong deterrent. And, I really like the 8.4" version. That gives me pause.

  10. The battery drain is massive for this. I play clash of clans with a 69% battery and ten minutes later its on 4% battery life. Dont buy it

  11. My wife's Samsung galaxy tab pro 10.1 is always overheating…..why? And what can be done to fix this? This is the second one

  12. Hi. Can someone help please? the wifi I use at home works perfect until another device connects then the signal goes completely in my tablet. Any ideas why

  13. If you don't like Touchwiz , Try Nova Launcher Prime , I use it on my Note 10.1 and its smooth and fast , actually a better launcher for that device than Touchwiz IMO, don't believe me , Try it !

  14. The "Recent Apps" button is the menu button. You have to long press on it to bring up the menu. It is a dual task button.

  15. Just got the tab pro 10.1 and I heard a lot of question about battery drain. I decided to do the experiment on the battery. I do this by leave it alone for 7 hours. After 7 hours I checked and it was only drain by 2%. The tablet is fast, a bit lag sometime but only half of second. I downloaded games and they're all work fine apart from my favourite game (heroes of order and chaos), I opened this game and it come up 'unfortunately, heroes O&C has stopped working' and it's piss me off, and I'm about to sell it to get the ipad 4. Why?, because I have ipad2 and I never have even a single problem with Apple store. Sorry for my bad English.

  16. Hey sir Joshua touchwiz maybe laggy at some points but to tne everyday user its still a really good experience. Touchwiz on my kitkat running note 8.0 is buttery smooth and it delivers all its capabilities quite well if not perfect and hopefully this lag would be fixed which the more sensitive user faces especially professionals, regards

  17. I heard that the battery drain in sleep mode is that true?because i have an ipad mini and the battery can be 100% the whole day in sleep mode

  18. Can you tell me what is the best out of the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 and this Tab Pro 10.1     ??   I just went to the shop and I couldnt decide what one is the best and faster tablet.  As all I want is one that doesnt lag..  I only do internet and email and not gaming.  Thanks.

  19. Been looking for a 10 inch tablet that can replace my laptop in class, especially for reading and managing class notes. Most reviews tend to focus on play rather than productivity. So this one does look good enough to handle my workload.


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