D1G1 Samsung White vs Samsung Blue LOL S4 Worlds G1 Semi finals | SSW vs SSB Semi-Final Game 1 White vs Blue | S4 Semi Final Samsung Blue vs Samsung White G1 #worlds
Next match of the day – Samsung Blue vs Samsung White Game 2 VOD:
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S4 Worlds Playoffs (Quarters, Semis and Finals) playlist:
Season 4 League of Legends 2014 World Championship Playoffs – Semi Finals.
First match of the day – Samsung Blue vs Samsung White Semi final Game 1.
SSW vs SSB G1 Full game VOD in HD 720p.

Samsung Galaxy Blue (Korea) line-up:
Acorn – Top Kayle
Spirit – Jungle Lee Sin
dade – Mid Yasuo
Deft – AD Varus
Heart – Support Zilean

Samsung Galaxy White (Korea) line-up:
Looper – Top Akali
DanDy – Jungle Rengar
Pawn – Mid Jayce
Imp – AD Twitch
Mata – Support Janna

Patch: 4.14 – season 4
Game date: 11.10.2014 | 10/11/2014 | October 11th 2014
Game place: Seoul, South Korea

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  1. Oh come on,  Kayle Lee Sin Yasuo Varus and Zilean VS SSW's Akali Rengar Jayce Twitch Janna. They asked for it.

  2. dandy is a terrifying rengar!  also, that flash varus ult was so high elo idk who would ever try that in my games.


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