Samsung has released an interesting redesign to their Touchwiz skin over Android. Here’s a look at the Samsung Advanced UI installed with the Good Lock app!
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  1. what they need to do is make 64gb version of the phone why s6 had 32, 64 and 128 and s7 only has 32 is dumb.

  2. Look at all that bloatware. Samsung make beautiful phones but, like most others, their software is garbage. Give me a Samsung phone running CM and it's close to the perfect phone.

  3. Tim where is your hands on for Samsung Note 7 and how come we didn't see you at the event? … if you dont mind me asking (fan since galaxy s2 days)

  4. when i am pressing hold any app in recent , no pop up windows is coming… i am not able to use the pop up window feature …please give me any solution

  5. it sucked before the update I'm glad they put these things you can customize it like the color and what not I like it it wasn't good before and now it's better for what it is I hope they put more stuff in it

  6. That App is Awsome. but is it still possible to change the purple colors in your lock screen? cuz I don't like purple.

  7. I enjoy this, I hate TouchWiz so this was a nice option that we could add! When I first installed it, my phone would randomly restart itself but now it's better!

  8. this app is useless for me I want nothing on my lock screen… nothing. so after disabling all notification on lock screen and remove all widgets and app shortcuts.. it looks a lot like stock Android.. I have a Samsung phone because I like touchwhiz and don't like stock android. it seems to work well if you want these features and a closer to stock android look.


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