I am absolutely AMAZED at how well I picked this time! Got super lucky! Played this at the El Cortez in downtown Las Vegas! Lets see how I did on the BONUS! Enjoy!!!

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  1. I am so terrible at games where you have to pick your free games or multipliers and you did so well that you deserved a much bigger payoff. I was excited for you doing so well with your picks but the spins were truly sour.

  2. Have you noticed that you tend to hit bonuses at or near the last spin? The % I have seen is statistically wrong.

  3. You just keeping playing all my favorites. Lol. I really, really miss Pharaohs Fortune. The 2 casinos closest to me dont have it. Well actually one does, but it's high limit $1 machine. I play it as much as possible in Reno when I go back and visit family. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. I have never come close to picking that well, cheers!!!
    The bonus symbols are even harder to differentiate than the regular spins, lol.
    Thank you for all the uploads.

  5. Those guaranteed pays during the bonus are a joke!!😤 It feels more of a slap in the face if anything! Great job picking! Although these games seem to know how to screw you during free spins! Anyway gotta love those last spin bonuses!!😎

  6. Ten years ago you would have won $1000 on that.  It seems to me that the jackpots are getting smaller.   Sometimes I play Quick Hits and I bet $2 a spin.   I got the free game bonus.   You have to pick games until you match 3.  One time I matched 20 plus 5 free games.  The multiplier was 3X.  SO I figured I would get a decent bonus.  It spins and retriggers one time.  So it was 50 free games.  I won $35.  LOL  I was in such a bad mood I left the casino and I left so early that my car was still at the valet.   The guy did not have a chance to park my car.

  7. Kudos Slot Lady! I have no luck with Pharoah's Fortune and l avoid it like the plague. It's nice to see someone do well on it!

  8. I miss this game I’ve only got to play it a couple times but it did pay out pretty well, I’m the worst picker ever tho 😂


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