In this project my goal was to create a simple real time strategy game with somewhat challenging AI. The game uses software rendering, i.e. no openGL, everything is processed in the CPU. I did my best ability to make the AI as fair as possible. For example, AI’s vision is limited by fog of war and it doesn’t have any advantage in resource gathering. Once you have defeated the AI, you will be able upload the score for the current difficulty to the internet.

You can download the game at:

The game is completely open source, you can find the code at:

If you find any bugs, or you figure out a way to abuse the AI (especially in hard difficulty), I am very keen to know 🙂


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  1. @Pan Hu

    First of all, I must say, this is one of the most amazing "from scratch" projects I've seen, and the way you have designed/executed the entire code is brilliant.

    I was looking at the code and I liked the way you have tied things up. Especially, using the jpg and changing it's each one's angle on the go.

    As, I was expecting a sprite-sheet for the animations of the different entities, but to my surprise, I didn't find any, cause, there aren't any. 😀

    Before closing the comment, few findings.

    1. Find this bug(one time only and I am unable to regenerate), upon selecting the factory, before creating any of the war machines(tanks, rocket launcher), I set the gathering point far in the field, and it stopped responding. I am expecting a null pointer error or something has to be there.

    2. FoW(Fog of War) resets it self, as soon as the unit lefts the area, unlike the usual FoW, once the area is discovered, it shouldn't be turned down to dark/unexplored yet again. 😐

    3. I am thinking to add few audio effects, if it's okay with you.?

    All in all, a great thing to look into, and by any chance, is it possible for you to make a tutorial series on the project? As I would surely like to learn this stuff, and there aren't many good tutorials around like this, especially for an RTS.


  2. wow @Pan Hu you are amazing man ! i've never seen a game of such quality programmed from scratch ! it blew my mind o_O


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