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In today’s review we’ll be taking a look at Samsung’s latest wireless charging solution in the form of the Convertible Wireless Charger in both couch black and brown. With a functional sliding mechanism, the convertible charger can quickly switch between stand and pad modes to allow you greater flexibility and ultra portability. Compatible with the new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus as well as previous Samsung phones, this Official Wireless Charging Pad offers the best way to charge as it looks extremely stylish and also features Samsung’s Fast Charge technology. Overall we loved it and had to give it a solid 9 out of 10!

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  2. 1. How long does this take to charge my Note10+ from 10-15% – 100%?
    2. Since it doesn't come with a wall plug, is it safe to use the 25W charger that came with my Note10+?
    3. How long does it take to charge my Galaxy buds from 0% – 100%?

    Also off topic, if I get my Note 10+ AND my galaxy buds at the same time at the same Samsung store, and I ask for this for free (since it's technically a 2 year old product), what are the chances I will get it?

  3. Is it normal to heat up the phone while charging with this convertible? My note 9 is getting pretty hot during charging

  4. Do you charge the device itself, then let it charge the phone? Or do you have to have the device constantly plugged in?

  5. I thought before I brought maybe it never needed to charge for it to charge your phone pretty much like unlimited battery. Wasn't surprised to think you need to charge the wireless charger to charge the phone. Turns out you need the wire to wirelessly charge the phone.WTF what's the point

  6. My favorite wireless charger, I have one for my iPhone and it’s really great. Plan to use it for my next Galaxy phone.

  7. I have a Samsung galaxy a5 2017 with broken USB charging port so I can't charge it anymore and was looking for an alternative like a charger pad but I can't find one that adapts to my phone on amazon. Does anyone have recommendations for an affortable charging pad compatible with a5? Thanks!

  8. Does it work with the phone Google pixel 3a? because my phone doesn't charger I plugged the faster charger is not even on can somebody help me please I just bought it

  9. a few months ago i got a brand new iphone xr and with it, I bought a mophie wireless charger. i used it every night and it was fine, but then, literally overnight, my phones battery health went from 100% to 63%. yesterday I took my phone to apple and they had to REPLACE IT. I asked the guy if my wireless charger had anything to do with it and he told me that they are EXTREMELY bad for the iphone’s battery. i asked why they are sold in the apple store if they are bad for apple products and the man goes “I don’t know. apple has a contract with mophie and they have to sell their products in stores. I guess it’s just for profit.” wow. just trying to warn y’all.

  10. I need to know can it charge my phone without being plugged into the wall . Basically on the go . Please help someone!

  11. Is it me or is the s8 at 1:43 fake because I see 2 dots under the flash where there shouldn’t be any and the flash looks off also the camera doesn’t have a ring around it but i don’t know maybe it’s a real s8 and I’m just seeing stuff


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