Watch as Gamer Ahmer shows off ten On-Rail Light Gun Shooter games for the Nintendo Wii! These games are similar to those old style light gun shooter games from the Arcades! All games are reviewed and gameplays are shown for each game. Check out these ten great games for the Nintendo Wii and decide which one is your favorite. Each game has a different style ranging from horror to western! Just in time for the month of October and Halloween.

Each gameplay is actual footage that Gamer Ahmer recorded!

Music By: Scarabic Gaming

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  1. Loved your video the only one I didn't have was target terror hope u'll do some more videos about on rails shooters soon little miss.

  2. HotD 3 came out on the xbox if i remember. I believe I still have it. but as one would wonder, I do not believe the light gun will work for it on new tv's . I may have to look into the wii release.

  3. First LOVE THE SHIRT! Also, yeah the Wii was a good system for lightgun type games, it sort of revived them thanks to the sensor bar you were not restricted to CRT TV's only.


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