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Making educational & entertaining gameplay videos while simultaneously following none of my own advice.

I post videos daily. I also stream 8 hours a day. This is what I’ve decided is the best thing to do with my 20’s. Stay in school.

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Edited by: Tootatis/Peter D (

#LegendsofRuneterra #RiotCardGame #LoLCardGame

Legends Of Runeterra |


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  1. This deck requires the mechanical skill of a masters leauge of legends player, the knowledge of a psychologist, and the free time of a child. This deck is 5 head

  2. If there is going to be a legend of runeterra tournament and stuff…
    This deck is definitely going to be banned

  3. This remind me of "oh im gonna play an aram so we end together " AND It Is 60 minutes xD but what the fuck happen here jxfudifk

  4. I can't believe I just messed up my sleep schedule by watching this. It was fucking worth. Only the chosen one can fist both assess.

  5. 60 minutes 20,000 views 1,200,000 minutes watched. Vermet wasted over ONE MILLION MINUTES of human life. A greater accomplishment than I or many of the people watching this can ever hope to achieve.

  6. I knew we were stalling but I wasn't prepared for the 25 minutes later to actually do the attack after he decided to end.


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