This might have been one of the first ships I ever shipped? Ned and Moze were always the will-they won’t-they of my childhood! Here’s a look back on Ned and Moze’s Relationship Timeline from Ned’s Declassified School Survivor Guide!

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  1. 9:18 Gordy turns into M.S. cupid.
    And in my mind a kid says "ew someone is kissing the wildboy" in there last kiss

  2. 100%!! Always shipped them on the show (and still do)! I hope if/when they ever do a reboot, they are either together or get back together. (What would be their ship name? Noze? Med? lol)

  3. Why is this show so hilarious. I was laughing throughout the whole video, not an easy thing to do, especially when re-watching clips from most old Nick shows. I love Ned's School Survivor Guide. And Ned and Moze are OTP.

  4. I know Unfabulous might not have been as popular, but you should definitely do Addie Singer and Jake Behari.

  5. Someone knows the name of the song when Ned is on the flowers thinking about Moze?? From the field trip

  6. I'm gonna get it so much heat for this, but I never saw Ned and Moze(Jennifer) as anything more than friends. I feel like they ended up together becuz many fans were rooting for them. It's similar to what they did with Zoey and Chase. I simply just couldn't see them together. The only chemistry I felt was friendship, but I haven't watch the show in years so maybe it's just me.

  7. Oh my goodness. I remember watching this show. I remember watching this show when I was like in elementary school or some where around elementary school and going to middle school. But this show helped me a lot and I really miss this show.


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