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Playlist for our lives, PLAYLIST

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  1. I guess this season will go around harim..this season will be for harim..n i m happy..i always liked her personality since the season 1..❤

  2. 18:18 omg i for serious thought this guy was seo kang joon for a hot sec but then i realized that a web drama totally would not be able to book him 😂🤣 he is rally good looking tho!!

  3. Im a bit confuse about Indonesian Subtitle. So I change it to English. BAM !!

    When English talking about men
    Indo sub : Food.


  4. Living with bestie is like living with family. I once lived with my bff & we had an argument, but that didn't make our friendship end. In a relationship, having an argument is normal, because the true one will always try to understand & want to be with you always

  5. This happened to me with my friend lol after living together for a year we fought bc of a misunderstanding. She tends to speak negative things about everything and it's frustrating. We moved out of the apartment and haven't talked since


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