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  1. Our brand new IMMORTAL Nautilus build GUIDE is here: https://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/my-immortal-nautilus-build-all-lanes-top-mid-jungle-bot-576285 check it out and give it some love 💙💙💙
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    and the previous episode with Galio build that will make ALL IMMORTALS here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wsTzzTPRZI
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  2. Just like Tahm Kench, another weak support champion 😀 Im so happy Riot decided that the "weak" Tahm Kench needs a mini rework to make him EVEN STRONGER. 😀

    Let's keep it that way. Let them think that, because it's the most freeelo ever 😀

  3. You should do Barrier Ignite Kled, its extremely broken in lane because you can barrier when you're in your mini form and bait them into thinking they have enough damage to kill you, since they always underestimate the barrier.

  4. Why were you bashing the Jg and the Zed when they were doing great? The Zed get perfectly fine, and fiddled got all the objectives but one drake. The only person who was useless and trying to ff was the Kai'sa. Your comments regarding the Zed don't even make any sense. You called him useless because he couldn't kill TF when Taric clearly ulted him…..

  5. I started playing this year and I started off as a top, but since most junglers ignore their job I switched over to jungling last week and I win basically every match now, but even in those matches I noticed something. The bot lane of my team is ALWAYS the problem. They're always trying to ff when they die once because they did a stupid tower dive at the start of the game. Or they're feeding all game and then the ADC is split pushing for some reason when they can't solo anyone or they blame everyone else on the team for why they're useless. If my team loses, it's always the bot lane that is at fault. If we win, the bot lane still sucked and was toxic. Is anyone else noticing this pattern?


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