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What Is The War Of Realms: How Do Phoenix Wolverine And Weapon-H Tie In?

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Thanks for watching hope you enjoyed this “Spill”.Each episode is made to inform you about events or characters in comics. I skip quite a bit and jump between issues A LOT. Please refer to the actual issue(s) to find out everything that happen beat by beat.

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  1. Dude. Hear me out. The All Black should totally get thrown into the mix with Old Man Phoenix and King Thor, and should end up taking the powers of the phoenix force for itself, and like become a complete though unbonded being, then turn on Loki. I just wish. ;.;

  2. Yo. It's been a week. Having dope spill with draw. Hit us with the dope spill already. Don't make me hit you with the liam neeson, voice, and say, I will find you. Lol. Sorry man.

  3. Could you imagine if Loki knows the truth of it all! And needs the necro sword, to get the Thor force and Phoenix, to make Loki force of the undying Phoenix to take on Knull and bring everything back from the darkness that he himself put into motion?!? 😱

  4. Is the justice league dark: upside down man, story line still going on? Also love your vids man, you're hilarious

  5. I know this is off topic but I recently read what if civil war never ended and in it Logan is weapon H instead of Clay can you make a video to cover it

  6. Even though Jean Grey discarded the Phoenix, isn't she still destined to be the White Phoenix of the Crown regardless? Is the Phoenix possessed by Old Man Logan just a fragment and Jean is in the White Hot Room by the end of time?

  7. There eons into the future, at the end of time we see just who is there, and fighting whom among the most powerful and it’s All Mighty Thor! Let’s see Captain Marvel Top that. As for the snake, you don’t get more snaky than Loki as the trickster, so it’s him

  8. Dopespill Comics….What are your theories/thoughts on the appearance of the Loki wearing Infinity Stone/Gems on his armor wielding Mjolnir? He was able to use the stones/gems to jump universes…like it's something else you can do with them…and that Loki mentions not being able to access the Original Universe…..what thoughts/theories on the Original Universe and what it can mean and change things?? Thanks for another solid vid…


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