Longplay of Spartan: Total Warrior, played as the NTSC version on the GameCube. This game’s version was released on Oct. 27th, 2005. Please give the video a like! Timecodes are below:

0:01:27 – ACT I Chapter 1: The Storm Breaks
0:24:13 – ACT I Chapter 2: A Spartan Welcome
0:50:40 – ACT I Chapter 3: The Last Stand
1:14:54 – ACT II Chapter 1: The Badlands
1:35:40 – ACT II Chapter 2: The Wild Bunch
1:51:20 – ACT II Chapter 3: The Ruin of Heroes
2:25:18 – ACT II Chapter 4: The Ghosts of Troy
2:52:15 – ACT II Chapter 5: The Sentinel
3:03:08 – ACT II Chapter 6: Resistance
3:29:20 – ACT III Chapter 1: Revolution
4:00:37 – ACT III Chapter 2: The Eye of Apollo
4:15:23 – ACT III Chapter 3: The Gates of Saturn
4:57:54 – ACT III Chapter 4: Death & Circuses
5:26:50 – ACT III Chapter 5: Gods of Battle
5:46:48 – Final boss: Ares

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  1. I wrote a comment and accidentally refreshed so I'm just gonna keep this one shorter lol

    I thought this game was really great. It's a hack & slash game in roman times. Perhaps a bit boring to watch but not boring to play.

    Each level completion is rewarded with skill points which you can assign to damage, health or special attack. Once all skills are maxed out, you prestige and get a cooler outfit and you can upgrade your skills again. The assigned skill points are set per level, it's not linked to completion time or kills or any of that.

    Also.. there's a really cool slow motion attack that lets you chop through a lot of bodies and lets you see tons of blood being spilled. Unfortunately the button combination to this move is closely linked to the special attack, which is far stronger but very limited (one full magic sphere under your HP equals one special attack). The special attack turns all enemies into stone, which is super powerful to use when you're getting attacked from all fronts or when there's simply too many enemies. You definitely don't want to accidentally use up your special attacks whilst trying to do a slow motion attack… this happened to me too often. If you ever see me use the special attack when there's only two or three enemies left.. that's when. For that reason, I decided not to use the slow motion attack too much unless I was already out of special attacks anyways. I know I'm gonna get shit for that, so thought I'd mention it lol

  2. I definitely like Spartan war games their so hardcore and mythologically,exhilarating to experience such deserting war battle fields ahead.

  3. Funfact, it is possible to scale the walls at the gate of saturn by yourself without taking down all the defense structures


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