Welcome to my Let’s play of Invizimals: The Alliance (La Alianza) on the Sony Playstation Vita (PS VITA).

This is the last episode of my let’s play for this game. I hope you all have enjoyed watching it as much as I have enjoyed playing it.

Invizimals: The Alliance (La Alianza) Sony Playstation Vita (PS VITA) let’s play / walkthrough / playthrough / gameplay on my modded PS VITA for direct high quality capture. Rendered in 1080P for stunning gameplay footage and high quality sound.

Please note that I will NOT be including the live action cutscenes in this Let’s Play, but I will speak about what is going on in the story on the commentary.

Video Features;
Training / battling
Cyclops evolves / evolution (MAX)
Bangarang evolves / evolution (MAX)
Hermit evolves / evolution (MAX)
Ocelotl evolves / evolution (Colt)
Shellshocked evolves / evolution (MAX)
Metalmutt evolves / evolution (MAX)
Dark Metalmutt
Jetcrab evolves / evolution (MAX)
Dark Jetcrab
Skytalon evolves / evolution (MAX)
Bongorilla evolves / evolution (MAX)
Porcupain evolves / evolution (MAX)
Hilltopper evolves / evolution (MAX)
Icelion evolves / evolution (Colt)
Icelion evolves / evolution (MAX)
Dark Icelion
Star Dragon evolves / evolution (Colt)

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The game is like Pokemon in a few ways, you can capture, train and trade invizimals. You have a lot of collecting stretching across all four games, although ALL invizimals can be obtained by trading, battling and connecting to people online. There is a storyline that can be cheesy and predictable but I have found it enjoyable none the less.

Invizimals is a PlayStation Portable augmented reality video game developed by Novarama, and published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. It is a collectible creature game, and a PSP or PS VITA camera is required to play the game.

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  1. I honestly think that the third invizimals game is the best. I really just don't like the huge change in game styles that they did with the vita versions.

  2. you have to put all of your invizimals on level 30 (including pups and colts) to finish the game. I can´t get the diamond dragon because it only says that marker isn´t available for this game.


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