I’ve been wanting to drill a hole in my desk for several months now but I never got round to doing it, until now! I found some random drill that had been purchased back in 2010 and probably hasn’t been used for the past 7 years. I picked up some random drill bit, put masking tape on both sides of my desk and drilled away for around 20 minutes per hole (: ✅ EVERYTHING in my Gaming Setup:

Before drilling the hole, I did message a friend on Snapchat asking him whether the drill bit I was going to use was okay for my IKEA Linnmon desk, he said it was fine. I also check the drill’s manual to see whether the drill bit was suitable for wood and luckily, it was.

Improve your desk setup by hiding those wires!

By the way… this is NOT a guide.

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✅ EVERYTHING in my Gaming Setup:
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  1. For anyone else lookin to use drill bits, it's a lot easier if you start with a thinner drill bit to create the hole. Then use the necessary drill bit to widen the hole to your need. It'll make a 15 min attempt into a 5 min process. At least that was my experience.

  2. Imagine not living minimum 20 minutes away from an IKEA and having to pay double the price for your products (this post was made my swedish gang)

  3. It wouldn't take minutes to drill a hole if you didn't have it in reverse, and were using a bit for wood (your bit is for concrete).
    Good video on how to be completely inefficient at a simple task..
    Also wonder if the cord disconnected from the keyboard so you wouldn't have needed a big hole for the ferrite magnet.

  4. Not everyone is a DIY expert. I would suggest using a 38mm hole cutter and buying the cable tidy grommets from Amazon. Your drill was in reverse and it looked like a masonry bit, the flimsy construction of the ikea table should only take seconds to drill through when using the correct tools.

  5. How can you stay at that desk? Yes it is 2 meters but you are too close to the monitors, it's really tight, when you keep your hand on the mouse the hole arm is in the air…
    Not to say that you got that bar right between your legs…

  6. Man you should have cut a hole with a hole saw and used a table cable grommet. You can get black ones to blend in.

  7. I am pretty sure that is a masonry drill bit, from by experience with drills and is not design to go through wood or in your case paper.


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