Ever wonder what would Kirby look like as an RPG? Well, I guess this will probably understand…
What would your version of a Kirby RPG look like?
Can you find the hidden 8-Bit Luigi?


Music Used:
The Escapade – Kingdom Hearts II
Super Mario Bros. Meledy – Super Smash Bros. Wii U
The 13th Struggle – Kingdom Hearts II
Stage Clear (Gold Medal) – Kirby Epic Yarn
Calming Guitar Music (mix by me)
Lofty Mount Pajamaja – Mario and Luigi: Dream Team
Angel Island Zone – Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Shy Guy Beach – Mario Kart Wii
All Star Rest Area – Super Smash Bros. Melee

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  1. How a Kirby RPG Would (Probably) Work:

    Party Members:
    One thing a good RPG needs is a set of allies to accompany the heroes. In the case of a Kirby RPG, we look to the helper system used in Kirby Super Star and its remake, which is returning and being heavily expanded upon in Star Allies. Of course, you may be thinking that this would force one to cope with party members that are lost forever after death, like a Fire Emblem game. This is not Fire Emblem, though, so they become permanent party members after certain conditions are met. Namely, by using Kirby’s Inhale skill on a certain enemy type a certain number of times (Kirby would start out with Inhale as a skill. Once an enemy is targeted, Kirby will inhale the target, then will spit it out at a different enemy, damaging both. He can also swallow, which damages the enemy heavily, then releases it. By using this method, you can earn ability energy, which unlocks a new party member once enough is accumulated). For example, if you were to have Kirby use Inhale on several enemies that would grant the Beam Ability in the regular games, a Waddle Doo would eventually become a party member. Forms of other Beam enemies could also be unlocked through future inhales of enemy types.

    Progression and Gear:
    Party Members would increase in strength through a system of increasing Affinity, or skill level, in a certain ability (Of course, based on Copy Abilities). Once all helpers of a certain type have been unlocked, future inhales of an enemy of that type will unlock Affinity Energy, a currency used for increasing Affinity Slot Levels for a character. As a character’s Affinity Level in an ability increases, the power of attacks based on that ability increases, and they will unlock new and more powerful skills within that Affinity. It also decreases damage taken from that Affinity. While all characters can have all Affinities upgraded to the maximum level, Level 10, there are limits on Affinities. Each character has a certain number of Affinity Cards. Affinity Cards are allocated between abilities, which decides what level Affinity is being used at the time. For example, if you have a character’s Sword Affinity upgraded to Slot Level 10, but only have five ability cards allocated to it, it would be like having a Level 5 Sword Affinity. Also, if two Affinities are leveled to a certain point, merged skills are unlocked. For example, if a character has both their Sword Affinity and their Fire Affinity at a certain level, they can unlock a Skill that deals both Sword and Fire damage. In terms of available Affinity Cards each character would have access to, Helpers would have 15 Cards to split among abilities, but can always retain a Level 10 in whatever Affinity they originate from (Once that Affinity is upgraded to Slot Level 10; the Helper always has all slots filled in that affinity. These cards used on that Affinity are separate from the 15 mentioned). The Helper also receives a bonus to all skills in that Affinity. For example, Burning Leo would receive the aforementioned effects in the Fire Affinity. Kirby has none of these attributes, but gets 25 cards to make up for it.

    This brings us to the gear system. Gear would come in the form of Stones. There are four categories for Stones: Attack Stones increase the power of a certain Affinity’s skills, Defense Stones decrease damage taken from a certain Affinity, Speed Stones give a Speed boost if the equipper has the specified Affinity set to Lv. 5 or higher (With five or more cards allocated to the affinity), and Crystals unlock a special technique if the equipper has the specified Affinity at Lv. 10. While many copies of the latter three types of Stones for each Affinity can be found by exploring, only one Crystal for each Affinity exists in the world.

    Battle System:

    The battle system would be a fairly standard turn-based combat system. However, the system of timed button presses to execute and counter attacks from the Mario and Luigi games would probably add more depth to the combat. Each character comes with basic attacks, as well as their Affinity skills. The available skills from each Affinity would vary from character to character. For example, a Hothead may have different Fire Affinity moves from a Burning Leo. A big gimmick to know is that each character has a special gauge known as the Ally Gauge. The gauge increases slightly each turn, but it may increase more for landing attacks or dodging attacks well. When two characters both have a full gauge, they can activate a Friend Attack. These attacks are… pretty much the same as what you would find in Kirby Star Allies. Some combinations are attacks on their own, while others grant massive buffs for a short time.

  2. MSKfan, I've had this amazing idea for another Mario and Luigi game, starring SSB! Credit goes to gaming12345, so watch his videos if you like.

  3. It's cool. But RPGs have a top view perspective and I think abilities should cost MP or whatever. Other than that, Kirby makes a good RPG and I hope Flipnoters dreams come true to have Mario and Kirby and others cross over in an RPG.

  4. Daydream’s Dash
    Robot risers
    Easy easers
    Ancestor ancients
    Marigold morsels

    Lullaby land
    Ancient anchors
    Nutty noon
    Darkness dream


  5. What if YinYangFan and Friends was an RPG?

    Starting HP: 24
    Starting SP: 18
    Starting POW: 1

    A teammate:
    Starting HP: 30
    Starting SP: 24
    Starting POW: 1

    Another teammate:
    Starting HP: 27
    Starting SP: 20
    Starting POW: 1

    Attack: (for all three teammates)

    Reply to my comment for some names for this RPG
    Also think of two teammates in this RPG and reply if you thought of two teammates.
    Finally, think of special attacks for all three teammates and reply if you thought of any.


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