You’d think they had learned with the Atari game… I’m not sure which game is worse… Just off the bat I let the start screen play for a tiny bit too long, just wanted to hear the intro song, and we’re introduced with who did most of the technical stuff in this game, namely one person, Chris Perry. Could still be good, but it isn’t.

YouTube suggested to stabilize the video for me, because it seemed the footage was recorded with a shaky camera…

At no point in the game were I sure exactly what to do. Like I understood rather quickly I was to collect plants in the first level, but didn’t know where to go. Second level I didn’t know what to do or where to go at all. Third was just as bad. Fourth was the worst and I was unable to progress there. The levels were giant mazes, congratulation on the mazes though, as those really were great mazes, as in you always getting lost and is nearly impossible to navigate through.

The controls when I was moving around felt like I were driving a car. You had to accelerate to get some speed, and it retarded when released, so you would still go some few steps more. Precision in avoiding the enemies etc, might seem like I suck at avoiding enemies, but I just gave up on it due to the controls.

The life meter is the stretched guy in the upper right corner. Not very apparent at first, but as you take hits he starts disappearing. If you pick up an item, you’re back to full health. Everything harms you, even as you play as the boy, the bugs hurt the boy so ET takes damage. Makes sense. You may see me figuring out how to run, but it seemed I lost health doing that. Same thing goes for when I tried to use my special powers as ET, which I got no idea what does.

The last level has me put together whatever it is. It doesn’t explain anything, and there’s a timer ticking. First I had to find out what to actually do, like selecting the various items with the power, so I would lift them up. Then I had to figure out that I had to place them on the background to match the white stripes. This usually didn’t work, as I had to do it in a correct order, which I’m really not sure how I’m supposed to know. I also at first didn’t know there were more pieces than the ones at the bottom of the screen, thought maybe more would appear if I was able to place the ones at the bottom, but none of them would place. Eventually I figured you could go right on that menu to select more items, but still I had not figured out that it was in a certain order, but eventually I do and then the guessing game starts. It really comes down to none of the items would place and I’m pretty sure the one I were supposed to place I couldn’t figure out where to place.

The annoying sounds ET makes while I play the third level really got to me after a while. “Be good”, “ET go home” etc.

One of the better scenes in the game can be found at 0:30:31 where E.T. gives a blow job, and just some few seconds later he does a blow bang after they’ve repeatedly asked him to “cum here”.

If anyone wants me continue playing this game, skip that level with a password, then please say so in the comments.

Level 1: 0:02:03
Level 2: 0:08:12
Level 3: 0:31:07
Level 4: 0:58:32


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  1. went through my old games recently and found this game. i never did get far at all. as a matter of fact i never passed the second level. i think my cousin got to the third or second level once. didnt care for the game much. but revisiting the game through the internet is very interesting. that soundtrack is pretty nice not gonna lie.

  2. I remember I got really far in this terrible game. There was a level where you had to fly the bike and it was a mess of a level. You had to avoid stuff in the foreground and background as well as oncoming stuff… I still have the passwords lying around somewhere.


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