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A disk suddenly facing write-protected is a very common problem. When your USB/ SD card, internal, or an external hard drive is write protected, you can neither access the saved data nor do any changes to your device. So, how to remove write protection? In this video, we will show you several workable solutions on how to fix this disk is write protected error.

Solution 1: Physical Check to Find Any Switch 1:40s
Solution 2: Removing Write Protection in Command Prompt 2:21s
Solution 3: Use Registry to Remove Disk Write Protection 3:08s
Solution 4: Remove Individual Files with Write Protection 4:03s
Solution 5: Check the Available Space 4:28s

How to fix “the disk is Write Protected” error?

Solution 1: Physical Check to Find Any Switch
Some USB sticks/SD cards have a mechanical switch on them that puts them into Write Protect mode. If face this situation, then just move the switch to the unlocked position and try to copy files again.

Solution 2: Removing Write Protection in Command Prompt
Hit Windows key + X, and select Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu. In this menu two things such as
1. Type diskpart, and next press Enter
2. Next, type list disk, and press Enter. You should see a list of currently mounted disks
3. Make sure you can see your USB drive on the screen. Make a note of your disk number.
4. Now enter the following command: select disk [your disk number]
5. Once selected, enter the following command:
6. Attributes disk clear read-only
7. You’ve cleared any remaining read-only file attributes from the USB Flash Drive/SD Card.

Solution 3: Use Registry to Remove Disk Write Protection
1. Press the Windows key+X, select “Run”
2. in the search box on the taskbar, type regedit and select “OK”. Then, select the top result for Registry Editor
3. Go to the key registry key below: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlStorageDevicePolicies
4. left side in the window click Control key, and select New and Key, named StorageDevicePolicies.
5. On the right panel of StorageDevicePolicies, right-click and select New DWORD and give it name as WriteProtect.
6. Double-click the WriteProtect value in the right pane of StorageDevicePolicy.
7. Change the Value data from “1” to “0” and click OK to save your changes.

Solution 4: Remove Individual Files with Write Protection
Browse to your USB drive, and find the offending file. Right-click and select Properties. At the bottom of the panel, under Attributes, ensure Read-only is unchecked.

Solution 5: Check the Available Space
Open Windows Explorer and browse to my computer. This gives you an overview of all drives connected to your system. Right-click your USB drives and selects the Properties. Then you can view the size of used space and free space in Windows 7/8/10.
If the size of the used space is too large, this might enable the write protection function. To solve this, you may need to delete unnecessary files to free up space.

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Hope those solutions will be helpful for you to fix “this disk is write protected error”.

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  1. I got a question. So what if a file thats in a drive is write protected, but then i move that file thats write protected into another hardrive. Will it still be write protected?

  2. if i do the thing where its in the command prompt, i will finally be able to move, delete, and maybe more to my files? It'll all stay there and nothing will disappear right?

  3. I have a problem, My Hard Drive has the I/O device error, AND it has no drive letter, Each time I try to assign a drive letter to it, the I/O Device Error interferes and I can't assign the drive letter.

    I also can't initialize the hard drive because of the I/O error, I seriously need help,please help😭

  4. I applied almost all these techniques but all in vain.. My usb still have an error I/O and still it is write protected..

  5. Still does not work for me, have already tried command prompt and regedit but there are still files which is write protected, I cannot use my flash drive because of this annoying problem.

  6. Sir my sd card shows 30.6mb capacity but its actual capacity is 32gb. It states that it's in raw format. I tried several ways to format it and several tools, I was not able to format it. It's like unusable right now. I tried both in windows and linux. I can't format that sd card in android as well. I wish if I could get some solution for that


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