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This pro League of Legends Nautilus guide will teach you how to master your Naut gameplay and item builds in the support, top lane and middle lane roles. CARRY your games and destroy your lanes with these laning tips, rune suggestions and gameplay tricks! Win more games by mastering one of this meta’s most flexible champions!

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  1. This is great but…. what runes???? same as always? aftershock and inspiration for every role?

  2. I main him… Over million points. Nautilus is a real best. I used to play against Aurelion Sol, Talon, Talia and so on, and I was always destroying them with Nautilus. You can play him on TOP against any champ. I beat Nasus, Irelia, Fiora, Daruis, Garen…. with him easily. All AP builds.

  3. all this information like how his low cooldown on his passive allows him to shove any champ and here i am like "well cool but that doesn't tell me anything because you haven't told me what his passive does.

  4. These days while im playing nautilus, i easily engage in a 2v2 at lvl 2 and win most outcomes either trading 1 for 2 or a clean 0 for 2 (my adc is my friend who picks champs who have good synergy with nautilus)

  5. Most of the video is just hero history along with clips that aren't even relevant to what you are talking about. Would have liked to see an explanation on how each spell works and can be used instead.

  6. Did I miss the rune selection? I'm a new player, and this guide was very noob friendly, I understood everything you were discussing. But if anyone could go over rune selection and maybe some tips on jungling with him. that would be awesome! thank you GREAT GUIDE!

  7. Been using Naut-port + Yasuo bot lane since season 6. He is basically a good guy version of Thresh, Im a Christian I dont like playing evil champs. Loved the old lore about him being betrayed by his friends. Now everyone knows about it.
    Wonder how long it is until Rito hit the big fella with the nerf bat 🙁


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