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  1. In the left-hand corner if you read there’s something called game menu and it will tell you everything you need to know about this machine all the bonus all the pay lines and this way you don’t have to sit there saying I wonder what this does

  2. NG-I won 12,000 on enchanted unicorn last year on a 9 dollar bet. It is such a cool game…when its hot. 🦄

  3. Hi Can I Have A Request Can You Play Pirate Frenzy And Eye Of The Horus In One Of Your Live Videos Please Thanks

  4. Thanks NG you're the real MVP! Do you think that the quick spins change up the timing on the machines and makes bonuses come quicker?

  5. Unicorns used to be my favorite machine. Now it just sits alone nobody plays it at the casino I play at. I think people think it won't win anymore. Oh btw that machine has no free games. The moons are scatters and pays huge when you get 5 of them. Also if you get all 3 unicorns in the middle it's a big win.

  6. Yeah, anything can happen on Enchanted Unicorn…..sour bonus w/ scary ghoul hiding behind the tile and then one spin later $2K line hit! Good, Great, Awesome NG.

  7. Love that 2k handpay! Thanks for the video, I really enjoy your vids, even your catchphrases, that's what makes you entertaining!

  8. LoL this game does not reward free games. The moons are only scatters. However if you get all 5 moons it pays big. My good friend got all 5 one a penny machine. He was not betting much but was a good win. The goal is to get all 3 unicorns on 1st second and third reel. Had you got that last unicorn it would have been over 15k.

  9. That was an amazing hand pay on unicorn 💰💰💰🦄. I’m pretty sure the only bonus is the treasure chests? Also the unicorns when they line up on middle 3 reels amazing 😉. ❤️🍀

  10. Hello NG! I love this slot machine Enchanted Unicorn ! It’s been a long time since I played it, they took it away from several casinos in France unfortunately. Have a good day!

  11. Awesome man. The unicorn felt bad for that $100 bonus so he decided to pay better, lol! Thanks for sharing 🔥🔥🔥

  12. Love old Enchanted Unicorns, did you see Money Storm ? Usually they are next to each other.
    Nice hand pay!! Good luck.

  13. There is no free games bonus in this game. Just the treasure chest bonus. This is game is all about getting the lions with the unicorns. Potential for huge hits. Congrats on your hand pay!

  14. Those moons you asked about are scatter pays. 5 moons on a 20 cent bet pay $20.00 So I'm guessing on a $20 bet it would pay $2,000. Imagine getting that live!


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