This is a video showing an Arcade Cabinet i built up from scratch, it works via a Hacked Nintendo Wii games Console. It has been sofware modded to enable the use of homebrew games and applications.

The application used in this video is MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) it is and emulator which is capable of running many original acrade machine games as real they were in arcades across the world years ago.

The Machine is built from alot of MDF, and alot of wire fiddling. with no previous soldering experience me and a friend had a hard time doing it properly, but after just a few hours we had working controllers! It took just under a week to finish off.

As you will probably know, the Nintendo Wii can also use Gamecube Controllers the buttons on the Arcade Machine are connected to stripped down gamecube controllers but the gap between the button connections is made via the microswitches on the control panel. Easy!

There is a flourescent light tube in the top of the machine which lights to top sign up (although i dont think its on during this video haha) and a 22″ LED TV screen as the display.

It is all powered through a single socket though inside the machine although inside it there is a multisocket which each unit is plugged into for ease!

This machine is not limited to one game, many different game files (or ROMs) can be downloaded and played, you just select them from a list. Also, ANY game can be played using the control panel which uses a gamecube controller, mario kart wii for example, very difficult but do-able!

It plays SNES, NES, Game Gear, Megadrive/ Gensis, Master System etc, pretty much any retro console out there 🙂

Hope you like it as basic as it is!


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