Game Radio FM
Hosted by Stretch Armstrong and Lord Sear
Underground Hip Hop

Game Radio FM provides the radio of Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III with hip hop featuring many lesser-known real-life artists and MCs.
The station is hosted by DJ Stretch Armstrong and Lord Sear as themselves.

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[Track Listing]:
—- Radio Intro (00:00)
(Reef – “Scary Movies (Instrumental)”)
[1]. Royce Da 5’9″ – “We’re Live (Danger)” (00:27)
[2]. Nature – “Nature Freestyle” (02:42)
[3]. JoJo Pellegrino – “JoJo Pellegrino Freestyle” (03:48)
[4]. Pretty Ugly Ft. Royce Da 5’9″ – “Spit Game” (05:00)
[5]. Royce Da 5’9″ – “I’m The King” (07:19)
—- Radio Intro (10:00)
(Rush – “Instrumental Bed 1”)
[6]. Black Rob – “By A Stranger” (10:51)
[7]. Agallah Ft. Sean Price – “Rising To The Top” (12:04)
—-.Radio Outro (14:29)
Rush – “Instrumental Bed 2”

Rockstar Games

– LosGTARadio


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  1. I loved driving in the Porter Tunnel from Staunton Island to Shoreside Vale with the location names changing from Witchita Gardens to Cedar Grove to Francis Intl. Airport while still being under Shoreside Vale with this radio station playing <3.

  2. I love listening to this radio on Callahan Bridge, Staunton Island, Newport, Belleville Park, Torrington, Bedford Point, Aspatria, Rockford, Francis Intl., Cedar Grove, Pike Creek, and Wichita Gardens

  3. “Yeah yea yeah what’s up Liberty City you checking out game radio my name is DJ Stretch Armstrong I’m in here with my man Lord Sear.” “Yo what’s the deal fam right here game radio Liberty City where the playas play and the pimps pimp and the hustlas hustle along y’all yo. You gonna hear the finest in hip hop music right here on game radio! Yo stretch ! Come on man hit us with that exclusives!” This by far the best radio on the game no kap!!

  4. It was a very cold game, i felt that sensation of being a real gangster shooting trough the window of my banshee… It was a super cold game… I remember killing with that baseball bat, wow that was super incredible and funny… And the uzi, woaaaahhh it was a incredible gun… But I'll remember forever catalina betrayal

  5. 10:42 "Ain't no thang but a chicken wang, with a big butt layin on yo lap."

    I played this game twenty years ago and vividly remembered that line.

  6. I'm 14, instead of playing fortnite like everyone else I'm playing GTA III on my ps2 🔥🔥🔥

  7. I was on the verge of being a decade old when gta 3 came out on October 22, 2001. Tuesday best day ever in 2001 gaming history


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