In this video I walk you through the installation of a Xeno GC mod chip for the Gamecube, and also show you how to adjust the laser to read burned discs.

Things used in video:
XenoGC Chip –
2032 Battery Holder –
3mm Slow Flashing RGB LED –

Things I use all the time:
iFixit Toolkit –
Soldering Iron –
Solder –
Soldering iron tip cleaner –
Flux –
Solder sucker –
Silicone Wire –
Auto Wire Strippers –
Flush Cutters –
99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol Aerosol –
Multimeter –

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  1. Hey man, would this game bit head work?
    www ebay ca/itm/3-8mm-4-5mm-Triwing-Gamebit-Screwdriver-Tool-N64-SNES-NES-GBC-GBA-Nintendo/113278427607

  2. Those pieces that broke up are usually a result of not aligning the top and the bottom parts of the case when reassembling the GC.

  3. Thank you for this tutorial. Maybe after watching this 29 more times I'll have the guts to order the Xeno chip and modify my GameCube

  4. "i'll never make that mistake again" ….yes you will. i think i have 200+ screws from that corner alone from over the last 15 years.

  5. So I installed my mod chip and it lit up meaning it was getting powered. I tested a regular disk and it worked fine but when I tried a burned disk it would not even attempt to read it. Any suggestions?

  6. Is adjusting the laser still necessary if you aren't installing the mod chip to read burned discs? I'm installing mine to use with the japanese gameboy player startup disc. I need to know so that I don't mess anything up, as that would be very unfortunate…

  7. @RETROCUTION Greetings, would you suggest another multimeter, the one you linked is no longer sold and is not sold in canada :(. I am new and don't know what to look for in a multimeter. is this one as good as the one suggested? Neotek

  8. i have two Xeno GC modded Gamecubes and i had to screw them down to 90 ohms until they worked o_o
    does anyone have an idea?

  9. It's great to see a video so professionally done, no annoying music, no stuttering or waffling on, this really was superbly done man, the ease with which you present it makes it look so simple, which of course it isn't, but everything from the workmanship, the presentation, camera positioning – brilliant, thanks very much, and of course I subscribed too.

  10. This was a great in-depth tutorial, do you still mod gamecubes? I appreciate your craftsmanship and care! Please let me know! 🦾

  11. I finally moded mine, and I think it turn out ok, so far I havent been able to tested just yet, because dont have any burn disc just yet, but it feels awesome do solder and do something your self. Thank you I used your video as a guide and it was perfect. It help me with everything.

  12. awesome video man I have learn a lot and you explain really well how to install the chip and how to regulate the disk readear.. thanks man!! you got your self a new sub from me…

  13. I purchased a busted gamecube with a XenoGC installed. Guy said the disc reader was shotty. When I turn it on a black screen pops up and it says "Xeno Shell v1.05" its kinda blurry, then the screen goes away and goes back to the normal TV screen. Then it comes backnon and repeats the process until i button smash A. Any idea what this could be?

  14. Excellent tutorial man, my Xeno GC arrived in the mail a few days ago and I'll be fitting it in the next couple of days. I had no idea that laser adjustment would (might?) be needed, since some tutorials on YouTube just show how to fit the chip. Is it a given that it won't read burned games, or is there a chance it may work? I'm wondering if it depends on which brand discs you use…

  15. Phenomenal video! Great camerawork, audio, easy to follow dialogue – the moment you tested the GB Player with Metroid Fusion I was like, "my man has taste"

  16. ABS pieces that break off like that can be welded back on with a drop of acetone on the interface. Works great and when done right it looks like new.

  17. thanks for the inspiration! i think im going to do this soon, glad i can put my soldering skills to use on something fun

  18. Just so you know, when you increased the resistance to 336, you were effectively decreasing the laser intensity, not increasing it.

  19. OK surprisingly the one console i never ripped open no wonder why you could beat the shit out of them and they kept on going.

  20. good day!I am the owner of gamecube with such a small problem – the former owner of the console almost killed her for a long time to restore and there was only a problem with the calendar.on the motherboard was torn off the resistor responsible for lowering the voltage from the battery (it seems R16 if I'm not mistaken)a big request if there are people who have an open console or motherboard ,please tell me the nominal value of the resistor,that is, ring the tester it!please))

  21. I'm having a hard time finding the battery socket? I install one in dreamcasts but it's not coming up in my searches for gamecube? Anyone have a link?


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