Thank you for taking the time to check this video out, I know my way of doing it is different, i’m not here to discuss which way is best, I just wanted to show my way and hope you enjoyed.

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  1. I botched my first install and ordered a new MOBO thinking I messed it up but now I have a way to try and fix it! Thanks!

  2. Would you be willing to fix a botch job that I had done on my PAL region Gamecube? They refuse to give me my money back or fix what they did.

  3. You are a hero! I had done it wrong the first time (the gold pinheads came from the print). So then I tried your method and it works perfectly, it was difficult but achievable with a lot of patience.

  4. Xeno was my first chip mod I did to learn how to solder. Took me hours with a lot of burned fingers but I learned a lot. I also ended up using wires because I could not get the solder to flow through the board to the contacts.

  5. Awesome. I've been meaning to get around to installing this way. The trace began to lift off of my board using the common method.

  6. Hi,

    I need to do this tonight… the smallest gauge wire I can find locally is 30AWG (.25mm) will this be small enough?

    EDIT: I re watched it a few times… at 2:30 so its .5mm pins with 30AWG wire.. you spoke so fast it was hard to follow LOL!

  7. Oh man, I just suck at getting it with the no wire method because I suck. I tried so many times the pads wore off the board, so I might be able to do this method.

  8. Why did you show footage of the bad install instead of the good one? Some people might have tried to use this video as an easy install guide and now they can't. That is the whole appeal of these modding channels or DIY channels in general.

  9. Splendid work, my friend! Always interesting to watch your mods! Question: what kind of iron and tips do you use? I have a Weller abs I can never seem to get the right temperature out if it. Also, have you ever used one of those solder vacuums? Some people swear by them. Again, awesome work!

  10. Lol I'm to afraid to take apart a gamecube. Last one I took apart I broke and it doesn't spin discs lol. Lost the small black lever somewhere

  11. I've never seen the wired install on that side of the board! Pretty sweet, I have a few game cubes to mod coming up here soon, definitely looking forward to giving that method a try! I know I just watched that for the first time but it does look more "fun" than the wireless, but hey to each their own. Also I didn't know that little tidbit of information about pal games on American displays! bonus! Thanks again


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