Played by: Reinc

A game for a younger player, starring chibi Taz.

Taz Mania is a 2D side-scrolling platform video game developed by David A. Palmer Productions and published by Sunsoft on the Game Boy in 1994.

Taz is able to jump, spin into a tornado and eat various objects. Spinning into a tornado allows Taz to defeat most enemies, as well as gain extra jump distance, knock away items and get past certain obstacles unharmed, it also gives him a speed boost. In this version, the player has no control over how long the spinning continues and has a limited amount of spins.

The levels are a mixture of unrelated platforming locations with a few minigames mixed in-between. One of the minigames is similar to SNES game Taz-Mania.


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  1. /Recording starts/

    Producer:Taz, you have your own game…
    Producer:BUT, only three spins per stage……

    /Recording violently stopped/

  2. The way the engine feels and the graphics remind me of Prehistorik Man, a platform game that is very similar.

  3. The graphics are really good in this! Although I don't understand the bits where Taz just spins over the water for a bit??! Seems like such a weird combination of sections in a game!

  4. thsi is possibly the best taz game, as it combines both the runnign sequence from the snes game and the platform sequence from the mega drive one


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