Getting a great start is essential for a sprinter, but even the best in the world can get things wrong. Linford Christie, Jürgen Hingsen and Ato Bolden – they all made false starts in their career – not to forget about Rey Robinson and Eddie Hart, who missed the complete 100m race in Munich 1972.

The most unusual moments from Olympic history are investigated once again to reveal the stranger side of the five rings:

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  1. I thought this was going to be a clip video not a stupid life documentary about a couple guys with a broadcaster

  2. The first really needed to be checked cause I played it at 0 25 speed and I could just when the gunshot sounds he starts running

  3. We always get a second start when someone starts too early. But when someone already started too early, you don't also get to do so.
    I had friend who would always go too early on the first try, just to make all others nervous…
    It worked great, but I never did it.

  4. That final one is ridiculous that’s not their fault that’s their coach’s fault so they should’ve been at least given cash or something to compensate

  5. This is a question for anyone who races b/c I'm not one: Wouldn't be better if they had a line across the field that would light up bright green and at the exact same time make a sound? Like the entire line would be placed where the runners are facing down as they're positioned to start. There's no outrunning the speed of light. One argument I heard was that the process of the brain recognizing sound is faster than recognize light, if this is true, then isn't that an ever better reason to use the light signal?? Instead of training to delay yourself a tiny but substantial moment of time, wouldn't be better to not worry about that in the first place? How about trying to recognize the speed of light as soon as possible? That should prevent any false starts and definitely make any false starters without excuse.

  6. I'm surprised anyone cares about sprinting anymore considering it's a black persons sport now. Same as most track sports Tere asn't been a white champion sprinter in decades

  7. Why do these people want to argue with the officials when it's right there on film, dummies? I see this in other sports too contesting every little officiating call against them. And 99% wrong every time.


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