EPIC Elves Vs Dwarfs River Ambush – Total Was: Rise Of Mordor Gameplay. More Lord Of The Rings In this epic Rise Of Mordor battle as the elves go up against a army of dwarfs on a custom map. The dwarfs have set up a ambush ready to take the elves off guard in this battle.

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  1. Idk why total war wont make a lord of the rings totalwar… if they can create and animate like warhammer.. why cant they create one for lotr

  2. Stupid man the elves is for noods dwarfs is strongest and wtf why the elves in video is more than dwarfs aaaa I known because you want the facking elves

  3. I hope this isn't harsh, but i like to form my own opinions about whos where and why. I mean unless someone is a little touched, they dont need constant imput from an external source to perceive things around them right? Just a little constructive critisisim.

  4. How did you get these elven models, I've downloaded the Rise of Mordor Mod on steam but their not on there?

  5. Tbh could've made it a bit more balanced. Would've been more interesting
    Outcome's not really a surprise
    still good video my man


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