Watch a No Damage/Health Loss complete run of DeadStorm Pirates/デッドストームパイレーツ played on 2 players, on the PS3 version using 2 Playstation Move Controllers, both players played in a duel wielding style by Smraedis.

DeadStorm Pirates (デッドストームパイレーツ) is an Arcade gun game by Namco from 2010, where you move a analogue gun-joystick instead of pointing the gun at the screen. (It’s like Gunblade NY, LA Machineguns or Let’s Go Jungle)
The machine also has a wheel between the guns, which is used for all of the Quick Time Events.

You can see where they are in this video, the game alerts you before they start.
There has been some slight changes for the console version of DeadStorm Pirates, and to make use of the PlayStation Move controller. The only changes are with the Quick Time Events; as you have no wheel, you move the controller/gun around the screen in a circular motion. Also quite a lot of treasure chests have moved places, and this rather helps with keeping combos going.

Another feature on DeadStorm Pirates is that the game has an online ranking mode, where it gives you 4 credits (so 3 continues (and 8 credits and 6 continues on 2 player)) to beat the game, and all scores are able to view. This was missing from the original Time Crisis 4 port.

There is a little cut scene removal, which had to be done.

Please Enjoy,

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00:00 – Intro
01:26 – Stormy Sea
06:53 – Mountain Stream
15:57 – Cave
26:30 – Great Whirlpool
33:10 – Poseidon’s Breath
37:21 – Ending


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  1. I think justify is a fearsome pirete in the seven sea and die in a secret cave with in ship full of gold and the posident breath is right there floating and josift kick the captain and swolled the posident breathe and has the power to teleport and sommening the dead pirate from the underworld

  2. I remember the time I dual wielded at the Rec Room on a Special Edition booth.

    I broke the seat, kept playing, and only got off when I finished.

  3. Sunderp: Johnette Johnette: okay first of all who are you I second what wrong Sunderp: I Sunderp and I warnd you the monsters are coming at you Johnette: thanks for telling me come with me Sunderp Sunderp: okay I in

  4. (1) (stormy sea) skelaton pirate ships (first) 4:42
    (2) (mountian stream) giant prihana 9:21 – giant crab 13:23
    (3) (cave) ghost sword (first) 17:50 – ghost sword (second)18:15 – ghost swords (third) 18:38 – ghost swords (final) 18:52 – giant snake (first) 19:32 – giant snake (final) 23:22
    (4) (great whirpool) skelaton pirate ships (final) 30:20 – kraken 31:09
    (5) (poseidon's breath) skelaton pirate king (first) 33:46 – skelaton pirate king (finale) 36:38

  5. Dumb decision: Eric and Leah was doing all the work and the captain did nothing but stand there, does he deserve the Poseidon’s breath?

  6. To those it may concern(and no offenses intended): this is not the highest score possible. Within a small time frame, about 0.05 second on "turn quickly," you can get something called yo ho, which gives more points than a perfect

  7. I have a small technical question. I have recently bought used PS Move controllers.
    I don't know if it is normal or not but I am experiencing this during my plyathrough of Time Crisis Rising Storm Collection.
    I am used to play those games (TC4, DSP and TCRS) with GunCon 3 and it seems that the PS Move does not register every shot when I push the trigger like a maniac.
    With the Move, when I pull the trigger fast, shots don't register. It looks like I have to wait for the trigger to reset before I can pull again. It is really quick (a few frames) but it is there with the 2 PS Move that I bought.
    Do you experience such thing when playing those games with PS Move?

  8. This game seriously needs a sequel
    Also you earned my respect, this game is hard at some times (especially with reaction and timing)
    Nice job


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