Classic Game Room HD reviews SHIMANO XTREME FISHING for Nintendo Wii. Fish with a bow, spear and rod in this Wii game for fishermen. Shimano Extreme Fishing for Wii is for 1-4 players and uses Wii motion controls to simulate casting a fishing line, reeling in the feel, shooting the fish with a speargun and skewering the little aquatic brats with bow and arrow. Make sea life suffer at your superior human hands. Bag a trophy bass with real Shimano gear while turning up the bass on your stereo to play this game. Feel the thunder of the boat engine (which makes noise mf’r). Hunt gators, carp and mutated sea bass (not mutated, but they should be). Explore North American lakes, Amazon waterfalls and the Pacific reefs! This CGR review of Shimano Xtreme Fishing has gameplay from Shimano Extreme Fishing on Nintendo Wii showing game play from this fishing video game in action in Shimano Xtreme Fishing.


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  1. It's interesting to compare this to Sega's Bass Fishing on Dreamcast, which was pretty good for 1999. Graphics and gameplay are vastly improved, and the basic gameplay is still preserved. That said, yeah, it would be cool if you could crash the boats.

  2. You guys should review Fishing Resort on Wii. Not just so you can give us your thoughts but so you guys can experience one of the best fishing games ever created.

  3. you attract fish by being the most boring person in the world! then they come running! 🙂 not having any real interests or life helps too

  4. @Broyale26 if this is PS1 graphics then PS1 is a new generation console, not even PS2 can handle this shit

  5. @LegendaryDaniel lol Yeah, who do they think they are? Just swimming around in the lake.. Somebody should teach them a lesson. XD


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