Ian gets a digital makeover in this review of Barbie Digital Makeover (1999) for the PC.
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  1. I didn't know I needed Sonic getting a Barbie makeover to "Super Sonic Racing." Thank you for this.

  2. I used to pop the heads off my sister's Barbies when we fought. Does that count? I feel it was justified as I have seen pretty much every pre-2011 Barbie because of my sisters. I love them, but dang it I don't think that I can sit through another one. If I have a daughter, then I am buying her something else. Like Legos and dolls that don't have movies using public domain assets with them in the starring roles.

  3. Me: It's okay. Barbie Sonic can't hurt you. She isn't real.
    Barbie Sonic: exists

  4. Anyone just think he’s incredibly hot and watch his videos just to stare at him? No? Just my creepy ass, okay.

  5. Well at Least I Know That Make-up is Cruelty Free,&,Wasn’t Tested on Animals at Any Point so I Approve

  6. LOL As a girl who grew up playing the other game, Barbie Beauty Styler, I can tell you that that game is much funner then Digital makeover…

  7. I just left a Like on a Barbie Digital Makeover video…

    I'm gonna tell all my friends work, if only to see their reactions. Totally worth it.

  8. I have heard worse OSTs than this. I would not bash my brains out if my kid listened to this all the time.

  9. So the lyrics on that Rebecca song were harrowing. I got "drink the cool aid" vibes. Also Ian. That picture of you honestly looked like the head in the jar from silence of the lambs.

  10. "Before I was told they were for girls and I had to play with G.I. Joes." From what we've heard of certain parts of Ians childhood I'm slightly concerned…


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