With the Barbie Digital Makeover CD-ROM, you can exchange makeover secrets with Barbie(R) and her friends, and create awesome makeover transformations!
• The Barbie Digital Makeover CD-ROM puts YOU and your friends in the makeup chair. Just take a snapshot of yourself or your friends, import it into the Barbie Digital Makeover CD-ROM and you’ll soon be creating your own makeover magic!
• You can import photos using several methods: CD-ROMS, floppy disks, digital cameras, including the Barbie(R) Digital Camera (sold separately), and scanners. The
quick import feature allows you to simply import your photo by simply dragging it into the My Photos folder!
• Transform Barbie(R) and her friends into glamorous models!
• Create your very own colors of lipstick, blush and eyeshadow!
• Design and print postcards, fashion shots, and CD covers with Barbie, her friends or YOU as the cover model!
• Create fabulous makeovers over and over again!

The music of this game:

Development Team & Credits:
Digital Domain
Development Team:
R. Scott Russo Executive Producer
Parker A. Davis Producer
T. Grey Parker Creative Director
Ron Fortier Vice President of Technology
Leigh Bauserman Lead Software Engineer
Chris Williams Senior Software Engineer
Kevin Olson Software Engineer
Doug McLaughlin Art Director
Cari Johnson Lead 3D Modeler/Animator
Stephen Fedasz IV 3D Modeler/Animator
Tanja Richter 2D Digital Artist
Tracy Greene Production Coordinator

Quality Assurance:
Gary Long Lead Tester
Robert Partridge Art Production Assistant/Tester
John Mamais Tester

Sound & Music:
“Night Out” Fletcher Beasley – Composer,Musician
“Techno Mix” Abby Schneider – Composer, Musician
“Smile”, “Let’s Dance”,”Rebecca” Pam Aronoff -Producer, Writer, Lyricist, Vocals
Allan Landon – Arrangement, Writer, Musician
Ali Weiss – Vocals
Mixed by Thomas Alan Grimley
“Hey Beauty” Jan Bozarth – Blue Arrow, Inc.
Sound Effects Design Abby Schneider

Executive Staff:
Joshua Greer President, New Media
Sarah Boudreau Executive Administrator
C. Bradley Call & Molly Hansen Business Affairs

Special Thanks:
Daniel Rismann Production Support
Enrique Santos, Jim Guild, Max Miller,
Kevin Huotari,Eric Jordan, Adam Freeman,
Peter Hernandez & Jason Shea MIS/Systems

Carmine Scotch,Kseniya Hoppe & Chris Field Additional Art Contributions
Raul Quezada, Bob Soper, Thomas Miller & Rob Talbert Programming Support

Mattel Media
Jesyca C. Durchin Executive Producer
Vance Huskins Associate Producer
Amy Boylan Vice President,Development
Jim Balthaser QA Technical Lead
Don DeLucia Software Engineer
Ray Boylan QA Manager
Timothy Waters Vice President, Operations
Shaun Rowan Associate Product Marketing Manager
Melanie Bullock Assistant Product Marketing Manager
Ginger Martinez Marketing Coordinator
Lauren Berzins Director, Marketing
Cynthia Neiman Vice President, Marketing
Suzanne Escoffier Original Concept Design

Doll Model Consultants: Abigail Belknap and Ei Fong

Sound Engineering:
Matt Thorne Project Engineer
Dan Leahe Project Engineer
Jeannie Quinn-Sanchez Coordinator
Sound Editing & Narration:
John Reed, Music Room Productions Sound Editing
Chris Anthony Narration

Special Thanks:
Matt Bennett, John Begley, Kenny Bender, Bob Bryant, Debbie Caton, Debra Chapnick, Toni DeBerry, Julie Dorman, Milton Evensizer, Aldo Favilli, Steve Feicht, Darlene Geithner, Dawn Gottula, Joanne Green, Cheryl Hager, Roger Hu, Karen Kelly, Danny Kwan, Louise Lelievre, Maureen LeMoi, Ezelle Lewis, Amy McPoland, Cynthia B. Meyer, Ben Nirenberg, Cindy Nirenberg, Samantha Nirenberg, Baylee Parker, Kevin Peacock, Greg Persons, Todd Piccus, Monica Rouland, Kendale Sheran, Cathy A.Takemura, Tuan Trinh, Marie Whallon, Kenter Canyon Elementary School, & Sammy the Wonder Beagle

“NetImmerse” game engine (c) Numerical Design, LTD.

Minimum System Requirements:
Multimedia PC IBM or compatible:
* Pentium 166 MHz or faster processor
* Quad-speed (8x) CD-ROM drive or faster
* 32 MB of RAM
* Minimum of 70MB of free disk space
* Color monitor with at least 640×480 resolution and 16-bit colors
* Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 95 and Windows(R) 98
* 16-bit Sound Blaster(R) or 100% compatible sound card and speakers
* Standard AT-101 keyboard
* Microsoft(R) compatible mouse
* Ink jet or Laser printer to output images(optional)


Music of this game:

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