** Wake up the vicious lion inside of you and hunt down your prey **
It is time to hunt for food! Show your wild side! You are a savage lion in the city!
Pounce, attack and kill all you want! You are a furious lion out to look for food! Get into action! There are people and animals all around you! No shortage of food. Move about your hairy form and pounce with all your might. Look for your prey. Attack with the skill of a mighty hunter and the ferocity of the jungle king. Violently attack anything that gets in your way. You are the most feared carnivore in the area! There is nothing more dangerous than a lion in a rage!
Here is your chance to be a savage lion looking for his meal! Show your ferocity! Dash around the city and unleash your anger
Angry Lion Attack 3D features include:
– Beautiful city environment
– Awesome 3D graphics
– Cool background music
– Thrilling prey hunting challenges and wild safari
– Realistic angry lion animations
– Huge Territory to Explore
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