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In this video i talk about how you can beat the app aa.
By General Adaptive Apps Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews
I wasn’t ready

by Ginger5729
I was bored on a Monday night and was looking for a fun game to get into. I found this game on the top charts and thought it would be a good fit. I got a kick out of the review sections but little did I know that the stories were real. As soon as I beat lvl 4 everyone stories started to make more and more sense. I hit lvl 36 after a few hours of constantly playing until I got tired and had work the next day. I would pick up the game In between break at work. This game gave me a weird sensation while playing. It was like something was growing inside of me. While at home I recorded myself playing. By the time lvl 50 hit I watch the videos of me playing the game. I was shocked to see what I have found. My eyes rolled back into my head and started to sing chants. The words were unclear and I couldn’t make out what they said. But I didn’t let that stop me so I kept playing and kept recording. I made it to lvl 112 that night. I watched the video of me playing before bed. While watching I noticed I my skin my eyes turned blood red and started to foam out of my mouth. But that still didn’t stop me from playing. The morning when I woke my teeth had all fallen out. I had rashes all over my skin. The only Thing on my mind was aa. As I played again I immediately transformed into a demon. That was the last time I played the game. Now I serve the Demi God of aa. This is my story don’t turn into a demon everyone. This is no joke

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