Before she was ‘Selena’ and before she was on ‘The Walking Dead’, Christian Serratos brought Suzie Crabgrass to the halls of James K. Polk Middle School! Sorry to all the Moze + Ned shippers, but Suzie was kind of the best. So here are 7 reasons why Suzie Crabgrass is actually the best “Ned’s Declassified” character!

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  1. I miss this show ❤️❤️❤️😭 wait, was Susie's original hair colour light brown? Or did it gradually turn to dark?

  2. Suzie's great, but I personally think Mr. Sweeny was the best character
    on Ned's Declassified. He was scary, strict, and evil, and yet helpful,
    gentle, and supportive. My favorite scene with him was in episode
    "Science Fairs." When Ned asked Sweeny what the scientific method was,
    Sweeny explained by using it on Ned. Observation: Ned is smart but lazy
    and therefore does poorly in science. Hypothesis: he will goof around
    and turn in a sloppy paper towel experiment at the last second.
    Prediction: his rushed and eligible experiment won't win any ribbons.
    And experiment: it will happen at the science fair when Ned proves
    Sweeny's prediction correct. I do wonder why Sweeny thought Ned would
    particularly turn in a paper towel experiment when there are all kinds
    of Science fair projects.

  3. because of quarantine, i was able to rewatch the whole show. i can safely say that i have (and still do) prefer suzie and ned together.

  4. I remember when the love triangle was advertised to end with the series finale. Nick said to stay through the encore showing to see a second ending. As a Ned/Suzy fan I thought they did an ending for each fandom. So I watched the first run with moze (which I expected), then watched the second, not noticing any difference. Got to the end credits when they finally showed a botched alien invasion that ended with a Benny Hill chase scene…

    And that's how I learned about the term "bait and switch"


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